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pub mod download;
mod images;
mod mmark;
mod simple_text;
mod svg;
mod test_scenes;
use std::path::PathBuf;
use anyhow::{anyhow, Result};
use clap::{Args, Subcommand};
use download::Download;
pub use images::ImageCache;
pub use simple_text::SimpleText;
pub use svg::{default_scene, scene_from_files};
pub use test_scenes::test_scenes;
use vello::{kurbo::Vec2, peniko::Color, SceneBuilder};
pub struct SceneParams<'a> {
pub time: f64,
/// Whether blocking should be limited
/// Will not change between runs
// TODO: Just never block/handle this automatically?
pub interactive: bool,
pub text: &'a mut SimpleText,
pub images: &'a mut ImageCache,
pub resolution: Option<Vec2>,
pub base_color: Option<vello::peniko::Color>,
pub complexity: usize,
pub struct SceneConfig {
// TODO: This is currently unused
pub animated: bool,
pub name: String,
pub struct ExampleScene {
pub function: Box<dyn TestScene>,
pub config: SceneConfig,
pub trait TestScene {
fn render(&mut self, sb: &mut SceneBuilder, params: &mut SceneParams);
impl<F: FnMut(&mut SceneBuilder, &mut SceneParams)> TestScene for F {
fn render(&mut self, sb: &mut SceneBuilder, params: &mut SceneParams) {
self(sb, params);
pub struct SceneSet {
pub scenes: Vec<ExampleScene>,
#[derive(Args, Debug)]
/// Shared config for scene selection
pub struct Arguments {
#[arg(help_heading = "Scene Selection")]
#[arg(long, global(false))]
/// Whether to use the test scenes created by code
test_scenes: bool,
#[arg(help_heading = "Scene Selection", global(false))]
/// The svg files paths to render
svgs: Option<Vec<PathBuf>>,
#[arg(help_heading = "Render Parameters")]
#[arg(long, global(false), value_parser = parse_color)]
/// The base color applied as the blend background to the rasterizer.
/// Format is CSS style hexidecimal (#RGB, #RGBA, #RRGGBB, #RRGGBBAA) or
/// an SVG color name such as "aliceblue"
pub base_color: Option<Color>,
command: Option<Command>,
#[derive(Subcommand, Debug)]
enum Command {
/// Download SVG files for testing. By default, downloads a set of files from wikipedia
impl Arguments {
pub fn select_scene_set(
#[allow(unused)] command: impl FnOnce() -> clap::Command,
) -> Result<Option<SceneSet>> {
if let Some(command) = &self.command {
} else {
// There is no file access on WASM, and on Android we haven't set up the assets
// directory.
// TODO: Upload the assets directory on Android
// Therefore, only render the `test_scenes` (including one SVG example)
#[cfg(any(target_arch = "wasm32", target_os = "android"))]
return Ok(Some(test_scenes()));
#[cfg(not(any(target_arch = "wasm32", target_os = "android")))]
if self.test_scenes {
} else if let Some(svgs) = &self.svgs {
} else {
impl Command {
fn action(&self) -> Result<()> {
match self {
Command::Download(download) => download.action(),
fn parse_color(s: &str) -> Result<Color> {
Color::parse(s).ok_or(anyhow!("'{s}' is not a valid color"))