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// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 OR MIT OR Unlicense
// Segments laid out for contiguous storage
struct Segment {
origin: vec2<f32>,
delta: vec2<f32>,
y_edge: f32,
// A line segment produced by flattening and ready for rasterization.
// The name is perhaps too playful, but reflects the fact that these
// lines are completely unordered. They will flow through coarse path
// rasterization, then the per-tile segments will be scatter-written into
// segment storage so that each (tile, path) tuple gets a contiguous
// slice of segments.
struct LineSoup {
path_ix: u32,
// Note: this creates an alignment gap. Don't worry about
// this now, but maybe move to scalars.
p0: vec2<f32>,
p1: vec2<f32>,
// An intermediate data structure for sorting tile segments.
struct SegmentCount {
// Reference to element of LineSoup array
line_ix: u32,
// Two count values packed into a single u32
// Lower 16 bits: index of segment within line
// Upper 16 bits: index of segment within segment slice
counts: u32,