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# This is a script used by some Buildbot build workers to push the project
# through Clang's static analyzer and prepare the output to be uploaded
# back to the buildmaster. You might find it useful too.
# Install Clang (you already have it on macOS, apt-get install clang
# on Ubuntu, etc), install CMake, and pip3 install codechecker.
set -x
set -e
cd `dirname "$0"`
cd ..
rm -rf codechecker-buildbot
if [ ! -z "$FINALDIR" ]; then
rm -rf "$FINALDIR"
mkdir codechecker-buildbot
cd codechecker-buildbot
# We turn off deprecated declarations, because we don't care about these warnings during static analysis.
# CMake on macOS adds "-arch arm64" or whatever is appropriate, but this confuses CodeChecker, so strip it out.
perl -w -pi -e 's/\-arch\s+.*?\s+//g;' compile_commands.json
rm -rf ../analysis
CodeChecker analyze compile_commands.json -o ./reports
# "parse" returns 2 if there was a static analysis issue to report, but this
# does not signify an error in the parsing (that would be error code 1). Turn
# off the abort-on-error flag.
set +e
CodeChecker parse ./reports -e html -o ../analysis
set -e
cd ..
chmod -R a+r analysis
chmod -R go-w analysis
find analysis -type d -exec chmod a+x {} \;
if [ -x /usr/bin/xattr ]; then find analysis -exec /usr/bin/xattr -d {} \; 2>/dev/null ; fi
if [ ! -z "$FINALDIR" ]; then
mv analysis "$FINALDIR"
rm -rf codechecker-buildbot
echo "Done. Final output is in '$FINALDIR' ..."
# end of ...