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# This is the script uses to cross-compile SDL2 from
# x86 Linux to OS/2, using OpenWatcom.
# The final zipfile can be unpacked on any machine that supports OpenWatcom
# (Windows, Linux, OS/2, etc). Point the compiler at the include directory
# and link against the SDL2.lib file. Ship the SDL2.dll with your app.
if [ -z "$WATCOM" ]; then
echo "This script expects \$WATCOM to be set to the OpenWatcom install dir." 1>&2
echo "This is often something like '/usr/local/share/watcom'" 1>&2
exit 1
export PATH="$WATCOM/binl:$PATH"
if [ -z $1 ]; then
set -e
set -x
cd `dirname "$0"`
cd ..
rm -f $ZIPFILE
wmake -f Makefile.os2
rm -rf $ZIPDIR
mkdir $ZIPDIR
chmod a+r SDL2.lib SDL2.dll
mv SDL2.lib SDL2.dll $ZIPDIR/
cp -R include $ZIPDIR/
zip -9r "$ZIPFILE" $ZIPDIR
wmake -f Makefile.os2 distclean
set +x
echo "All done. Final installable is in $ZIPFILE ...";