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## Process this file with automake to produce
# Automake Makefile for the JPEG library
# This file is written by Bob Friesenhahn, Guido Vollbeding
# Sources to build library
LIBSOURCES = jaricom.c jcapimin.c jcapistd.c jcarith.c jccoefct.c jccolor.c \
jcdctmgr.c jchuff.c jcinit.c jcmainct.c jcmarker.c jcmaster.c \
jcomapi.c jcparam.c jcprepct.c jcsample.c jctrans.c jdapimin.c \
jdapistd.c jdarith.c jdatadst.c jdatasrc.c jdcoefct.c jdcolor.c \
jddctmgr.c jdhuff.c jdinput.c jdmainct.c jdmarker.c jdmaster.c \
jdmerge.c jdpostct.c jdsample.c jdtrans.c jerror.c jfdctflt.c \
jfdctfst.c jfdctint.c jidctflt.c jidctfst.c jidctint.c jquant1.c \
jquant2.c jutils.c jmemmgr.c @MEMORYMGR@.c
# System dependent sources
SYSDEPSOURCES = jmemansi.c jmemname.c jmemnobs.c jmemdos.c jmemmac.c
# Headers which are installed to support the library
INSTINCLUDES = jerror.h jmorecfg.h jpeglib.h
# Headers which are not installed
OTHERINCLUDES = cderror.h cdjpeg.h jdct.h jinclude.h jmemsys.h jpegint.h \
jversion.h transupp.h
# Manual pages (Automake uses 'MANS' for itself)
DISTMANS= cjpeg.1 djpeg.1 jpegtran.1 rdjpgcom.1 wrjpgcom.1
# Other documentation files
DOCS= README install.txt usage.txt wizard.txt example.c libjpeg.txt \
structure.txt coderules.txt filelist.txt change.log
# Makefiles for various systems
MKFILES= configure makefile.ansi makefile.unix makefile.bcc \
makefile.mc6 makefile.wat makejdsw.vc6 \
makeadsw.vc6 makejdep.vc6 makejdsp.vc6 makejmak.vc6 makecdep.vc6 \
makecdsp.vc6 makecmak.vc6 makeddep.vc6 makeddsp.vc6 makedmak.vc6 \
maketdep.vc6 maketdsp.vc6 maketmak.vc6 makerdep.vc6 makerdsp.vc6 \
makermak.vc6 makewdep.vc6 makewdsp.vc6 makewmak.vc6 makejsln.v10 \
makeasln.v10 makejvcx.v10 makejfil.v10 makecvcx.v10 makecfil.v10 \
makedvcx.v10 makedfil.v10 maketvcx.v10 maketfil.v10 makervcx.v10 \
makerfil.v10 makewvcx.v10 makewfil.v10 makeproj.mac \ makefile.manx \
makefile.mms makefile.vms makvms.opt
# Configuration files
CONFIGFILES= jconfig.cfg jconfig.bcc jconfig.mc6 jconfig.wat \ jconfig.mac jconfig.manx \
# Support scripts for configure
CONFIGUREFILES= config.guess config.sub install-sh depcomp missing
# Miscellaneous support files
OTHERFILES= jconfig.txt ckconfig.c ansi2knr.c ansi2knr.1 jmemdosa.asm \
# Test support files
TESTFILES= testorig.jpg testimg.ppm testimg.bmp testimg.jpg testprog.jpg \
# libtool libraries to build
# Library sources for
libjpeg_la_SOURCES = $(LIBSOURCES)
libjpeg_la_LDFLAGS = -no-undefined \
-version-info $(JPEG_LIB_VERSION)
libjpeg_la_LDFLAGS += -Wl,--version-script=$(srcdir)/
# Executables to build
bin_PROGRAMS = cjpeg djpeg jpegtran rdjpgcom wrjpgcom
# Executable sources & libs
cjpeg_SOURCES = cjpeg.c rdppm.c rdgif.c rdtarga.c rdrle.c rdbmp.c \
rdswitch.c cdjpeg.c
cjpeg_LDADD =
djpeg_SOURCES = djpeg.c wrppm.c wrgif.c wrtarga.c wrrle.c wrbmp.c \
rdcolmap.c cdjpeg.c
djpeg_LDADD =
jpegtran_SOURCES = jpegtran.c rdswitch.c cdjpeg.c transupp.c
jpegtran_LDADD =
rdjpgcom_SOURCES = rdjpgcom.c
wrjpgcom_SOURCES = wrjpgcom.c
# Manual pages to install
# Headers to install
# Other distributed headers
# Other distributed files
# Files to be cleaned
CLEANFILES = testout.ppm testout.bmp testout.jpg testoutp.ppm testoutp.jpg \
# Install jconfig.h
$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
$(INSTALL_HEADER) jconfig.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/jconfig.h
# Uninstall jconfig.h
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/jconfig.h
# Run tests
test: check-local
rm -f testout*
./djpeg -dct int -ppm -outfile testout.ppm $(srcdir)/testorig.jpg
./djpeg -dct int -bmp -colors 256 -outfile testout.bmp $(srcdir)/testorig.jpg
./cjpeg -dct int -outfile testout.jpg $(srcdir)/testimg.ppm
./djpeg -dct int -ppm -outfile testoutp.ppm $(srcdir)/testprog.jpg
./cjpeg -dct int -progressive -opt -outfile testoutp.jpg $(srcdir)/testimg.ppm
./jpegtran -outfile testoutt.jpg $(srcdir)/testprog.jpg
cmp $(srcdir)/testimg.ppm testout.ppm
cmp $(srcdir)/testimg.bmp testout.bmp
cmp $(srcdir)/testimg.jpg testout.jpg
cmp $(srcdir)/testimg.ppm testoutp.ppm
cmp $(srcdir)/testimgp.jpg testoutp.jpg
cmp $(srcdir)/testorig.jpg testoutt.jpg