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libjpeg-turbo Licenses
libjpeg-turbo is covered by three compatible BSD-style open source licenses:
-- The IJG (Independent JPEG Group) License, which is listed in README
This license applies to the libjpeg API library and associated programs
(any code inherited from libjpeg, and any modifications to that code.)
-- The Modified (3-clause) BSD License, which is listed in turbojpeg.c
This license covers the TurboJPEG API library and associated programs.
-- The zlib License, which is listed in simd/
This license is a subset of the other two, and it covers the libjpeg-turbo
SIMD extensions.
Complying with the libjpeg-turbo Licenses
This section provides a roll-up of the libjpeg-turbo licensing terms, to the
best of our understanding.
1. If you are distributing a modified version of the libjpeg-turbo source,
a. You cannot alter or remove any existing copyright or license notices
from the source.
Origin: Clause 1 of the IJG License
Clause 1 of the Modified BSD License
Clauses 1 and 3 of the zlib License
b. You must add your own copyright notice to the header of each source
file you modified, so others can tell that you modified that file (if
there is not an existing copyright header in that file, then you can
simply add a notice stating that you modified the file.)
Origin: Clause 1 of the IJG License
Clause 2 of the zlib License
c. You must include the IJG README file, and you must not alter any of the
copyright or license text in that file.
Origin: Clause 1 of the IJG License
2. If you are distributing only libjpeg-turbo binaries without the source, or
if you are distributing an application that statically links with
libjpeg-turbo, then:
a. Your product documentation must include a message stating:
This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG
Origin: Clause 2 of the IJG license
b. If your binary distribution includes or uses the TurboJPEG API, then
your product documentation must include the text of the Modified BSD
Origin: Clause 2 of the Modified BSD License
3. You cannot use the name of the IJG or The libjpeg-turbo Project or the
contributors thereof in advertising, publicity, etc.
Origin: IJG License
Clause 3 of the Modified BSD License
4. The IJG and The libjpeg-turbo Project do not warrant libjpeg-turbo to be
free of defects, nor do we accept any liability for undesirable
consequences resulting from your use of the software.
Origin: IJG License
Modified BSD License
zlib License