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Description: A SIMD-accelerated JPEG codec that provides both the libjpeg and TurboJPEG APIs
libjpeg-turbo is a JPEG image codec that uses SIMD instructions to accelerate
baseline JPEG compression and decompression on x86, x86-64, Arm, PowerPC, and
MIPS systems, as well as progressive JPEG compression on x86, x86-64, and
Arm systems. On such systems, libjpeg-turbo is generally 2-6x as fast as
libjpeg, all else being equal. On other types of systems, libjpeg-turbo can
still outperform libjpeg by a significant amount, by virtue of its
highly-optimized Huffman coding routines. In many cases, the performance of
libjpeg-turbo rivals that of proprietary high-speed JPEG codecs.
libjpeg-turbo implements both the traditional libjpeg API as well as the less
powerful but more straightforward TurboJPEG API. libjpeg-turbo also features
colorspace extensions that allow it to compress from/decompress to 32-bit and
big-endian pixel buffers (RGBX, XBGR, etc.), as well as a full-featured Java
libjpeg-turbo was originally based on libjpeg/SIMD, an MMX-accelerated
derivative of libjpeg v6b developed by Miyasaka Masaru. The TigerVNC and
VirtualGL projects made numerous enhancements to the codec in 2009, and in
early 2010, libjpeg-turbo spun off into an independent project, with the goal
of making high-speed JPEG compression/decompression technology available to a
broader range of users and developers.