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// Copyright 2017 The Wuffs Authors.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
package check
import (
a ""
t ""
var (
exprArgs = a.NewExpr(0, 0, t.IDArgs, nil, nil, nil, nil)
exprNullptr = a.NewExpr(0, 0, t.IDNullptr, nil, nil, nil, nil)
exprThis = a.NewExpr(0, 0, t.IDThis, nil, nil, nil, nil)
var (
typeExprGeneric1 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDDagger1, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprGeneric2 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDDagger2, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprIdeal = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQIdeal, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprList = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDComma, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprNonNullptr = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQNonNullptr, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprNullptr = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQNullptr, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPackage = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQPackage, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPlaceholder = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQPlaceholder, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprTypeExpr = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDQTypeExpr, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprU8 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDU8, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprU16 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDU16, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprU32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDU32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprU64 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDU64, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprEmptyStruct = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDEmptyStruct, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprBool = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDBool, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprUtility = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDUtility, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRangeIEU32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRangeIEU32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRangeIIU32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRangeIIU32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRangeIEU64 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRangeIEU64, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRangeIIU64 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRangeIIU64, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRectIEU32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRectIEU32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprRectIIU32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDRectIIU32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprMoreInformation = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDMoreInformation, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprStatus = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDStatus, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprIOReader = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDIOReader, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprIOWriter = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDIOWriter, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprTokenReader = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDTokenReader, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprTokenWriter = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDTokenWriter, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprFrameConfig = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDFrameConfig, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprImageConfig = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDImageConfig, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPixelBlend = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDPixelBlend, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPixelBuffer = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDPixelBuffer, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPixelConfig = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDPixelConfig, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPixelFormat = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDPixelFormat, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprPixelSwizzler = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDPixelSwizzler, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprDecodeFrameOptions = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDDecodeFrameOptions, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMCRC32Utility = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMCRC32Utility, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMCRC32U32 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMCRC32U32, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonUtility = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonUtility, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU8x8 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU8x8, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU16x4 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU16x4, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU32x2 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU32x2, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU64x1 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU64x1, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU8x16 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU8x16, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU16x8 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU16x8, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU32x4 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU32x4, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprARMNeonU64x2 = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDARMNeonU64x2, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprX86SSE42Utility = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDX86SSE42Utility, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprX86M128I = a.NewTypeExpr(0, t.IDBase, t.IDX86M128I, nil, nil, nil)
typeExprSliceU8 = a.NewTypeExpr(t.IDSlice, 0, 0, nil, nil, typeExprU8)
typeExprTableU8 = a.NewTypeExpr(t.IDTable, 0, 0, nil, nil, typeExprU8)
func setPlaceholderMBoundsMType(n *a.Node) {
n.SetMBounds(bounds{zero, zero})
// typeMap maps from variable names (as token IDs) to types.
type typeMap map[t.ID]*a.TypeExpr
var builtInTypeMap = typeMap{
t.IDU8: typeExprU8,
t.IDU16: typeExprU16,
t.IDU32: typeExprU32,
t.IDU64: typeExprU64,
t.IDEmptyStruct: typeExprEmptyStruct,
t.IDBool: typeExprBool,
t.IDUtility: typeExprUtility,
t.IDRangeIEU32: typeExprRangeIEU32,
t.IDRangeIIU32: typeExprRangeIIU32,
t.IDRangeIEU64: typeExprRangeIEU64,
t.IDRangeIIU64: typeExprRangeIIU64,
t.IDRectIEU32: typeExprRectIEU32,
t.IDRectIIU32: typeExprRectIIU32,
t.IDMoreInformation: typeExprMoreInformation,
t.IDStatus: typeExprStatus,
t.IDIOReader: typeExprIOReader,
t.IDIOWriter: typeExprIOWriter,
t.IDTokenReader: typeExprTokenReader,
t.IDTokenWriter: typeExprTokenWriter,
t.IDFrameConfig: typeExprFrameConfig,
t.IDImageConfig: typeExprImageConfig,
t.IDPixelBlend: typeExprPixelBlend,
t.IDPixelBuffer: typeExprPixelBuffer,
t.IDPixelConfig: typeExprPixelConfig,
t.IDPixelFormat: typeExprPixelFormat,
t.IDPixelSwizzler: typeExprPixelSwizzler,
t.IDDecodeFrameOptions: typeExprDecodeFrameOptions,
t.IDARMCRC32Utility: typeExprARMCRC32Utility,
t.IDARMCRC32U32: typeExprARMCRC32U32,
t.IDARMNeonUtility: typeExprARMNeonUtility,
t.IDARMNeonU8x8: typeExprARMNeonU8x8,
t.IDARMNeonU16x4: typeExprARMNeonU16x4,
t.IDARMNeonU32x2: typeExprARMNeonU32x2,
t.IDARMNeonU64x1: typeExprARMNeonU64x1,
t.IDARMNeonU8x16: typeExprARMNeonU8x16,
t.IDARMNeonU16x8: typeExprARMNeonU16x8,
t.IDARMNeonU32x4: typeExprARMNeonU32x4,
t.IDARMNeonU64x2: typeExprARMNeonU64x2,
t.IDX86SSE42Utility: typeExprX86SSE42Utility,
t.IDX86M128I: typeExprX86M128I,
func (c *Checker) parseBuiltInFuncs(m map[t.QQID]*a.Func, ss []string) error {
return builtin.ParseFuncs(, ss, func(f *a.Func) error {
if err := c.checkFuncSignature1(f.AsNode(), false); err != nil {
return err
if m != nil {
m[f.QQID()] = f
return nil
func (c *Checker) resolveFunc(typ *a.TypeExpr) (*a.Func, error) {
if typ.Decorator() != t.IDFunc {
return nil, fmt.Errorf("check: resolveFunc cannot look up non-func TypeExpr %q", typ.Str(
lTyp := typ.Receiver()
lQID := lTyp.QID()
qqid := t.QQID{lQID[0], lQID[1], typ.FuncName()}
if lTyp.IsSliceType() {
qqid[0] = t.IDBase
qqid[1] = t.IDDagger1
if f := c.builtInSliceFuncs[qqid]; f != nil {
return f, nil
if lTyp.Eq(typeExprSliceU8) {
if f := c.builtInSliceU8Funcs[qqid]; f != nil {
return f, nil
} else if lTyp.IsTableType() {
qqid[0] = t.IDBase
qqid[1] = t.IDDagger2
if f := c.builtInTableFuncs[qqid]; f != nil {
return f, nil
} else if f := c.funcs[qqid]; f != nil {
return f, nil
return nil, fmt.Errorf("check: resolveFunc cannot look up %q", typ.Str(