Update comment; fixes #1061

PiperOrigin-RevId: 557492308
diff --git a/c/enc/encode.c b/c/enc/encode.c
index 4627ea0..0303094 100644
--- a/c/enc/encode.c
+++ b/c/enc/encode.c
@@ -928,8 +928,8 @@
    If |*out_size| is positive, |*output| points to the start of the output
    data. If |is_last| or |force_flush| is BROTLI_TRUE, an output meta-block is
    always created. However, until |is_last| is BROTLI_TRUE encoder may retain up
-   to 7 bits of the last byte of output. To force encoder to dump the remaining
-   bits use WriteMetadata() to append an empty meta-data block.
+   to 7 bits of the last byte of output. Byte-alignment could be enforced by
+   emitting an empty meta-data block.
    Returns BROTLI_FALSE if the size of the input data is larger than