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-Please consider updating brotli to version 1.0.9 (latest).
-Version 1.0.9 contains a fix to "integer overflow" problem. This happens when "one-shot" decoding API is used (or input chunk for streaming API is not limited), input size (chunk size) is larger than 2GiB, and input contains uncompressed blocks. After the overflow happens, `memcpy` is invoked with a gigantic `num` value, that will likely cause the crash.
 ### Introduction
 Brotli is a generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm that compresses data
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 > to modify "raw" ranges of the compressed stream and the decoder will not
 > notice that.
-Brotli mailing list:
-![GitHub Actions Build Status](
-[![Fuzzing Status](](
 ### Build instructions
 #### Vcpkg
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 See the [Python readme](python/ for more details on installing
 from source, development, and testing.
+### Contributing
+We glad to answer/library related questions in
+[brotli mailing list](!forum/brotli).
+Regular issues / feature requests should be reported in
+[issue tracker](
+For reporting vulnerability please read [SECURITY](
+For contributing changes please read [CONTRIBUTING](
 ### Benchmarks
 * [Squash Compression Benchmark]( / [Unstable Squash Compression Benchmark](
 * [Large Text Compression Benchmark](