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/* NOLINT(build/header_guard) */
/* Copyright 2018 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed under MIT license.
See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
/* template parameters: FN, HASHER_A, HASHER_B */
/* Composite hasher: This hasher allows to combine two other hashers, HASHER_A
and HASHER_B. */
#define HashComposite HASHER()
static BROTLI_INLINE size_t FN(HashTypeLength)(void) {
size_t a = FN_A(HashTypeLength)();
size_t b = FN_B(HashTypeLength)();
return a > b ? a : b;
static BROTLI_INLINE size_t FN(StoreLookahead)(void) {
size_t a = FN_A(StoreLookahead)();
size_t b = FN_B(StoreLookahead)();
return a > b ? a : b;
typedef struct HashComposite {
HasherHandle ha;
HasherHandle hb;
const BrotliEncoderParams* params;
} HashComposite;
static BROTLI_INLINE HashComposite* FN(Self)(HasherHandle handle) {
return (HashComposite*)&(GetHasherCommon(handle)[1]);
static void FN(Initialize)(
HasherHandle handle, const BrotliEncoderParams* params) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
self->ha = 0;
self->hb = 0;
self->params = params;
/* TODO: Initialize of the hashers is defered to Prepare (and params
remembered here) because we don't get the one_shot and input_size params
here that are needed to know the memory size of them. Instead provide
those params to all hashers FN(Initialize) */
static void FN(Prepare)(HasherHandle handle, BROTLI_BOOL one_shot,
size_t input_size, const uint8_t* data) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
if (!self->ha) {
HasherCommon* common_a;
HasherCommon* common_b;
self->ha = handle + sizeof(HasherCommon) + sizeof(HashComposite);
common_a = (HasherCommon*)self->ha;
common_a->params = self->params->hasher;
common_a->is_prepared_ = BROTLI_FALSE;
common_a->dict_num_lookups = 0;
common_a->dict_num_matches = 0;
FN_A(Initialize)(self->ha, self->params);
self->hb = self->ha + sizeof(HasherCommon) + FN_A(HashMemAllocInBytes)(
self->params, one_shot, input_size);
common_b = (HasherCommon*)self->hb;
common_b->params = self->params->hasher;
common_b->is_prepared_ = BROTLI_FALSE;
common_b->dict_num_lookups = 0;
common_b->dict_num_matches = 0;
FN_B(Initialize)(self->hb, self->params);
FN_A(Prepare)(self->ha, one_shot, input_size, data);
FN_B(Prepare)(self->hb, one_shot, input_size, data);
static BROTLI_INLINE size_t FN(HashMemAllocInBytes)(
const BrotliEncoderParams* params, BROTLI_BOOL one_shot,
size_t input_size) {
return sizeof(HashComposite) + 2 * sizeof(HasherCommon) +
FN_A(HashMemAllocInBytes)(params, one_shot, input_size) +
FN_B(HashMemAllocInBytes)(params, one_shot, input_size);
static BROTLI_INLINE void FN(Store)(HasherHandle BROTLI_RESTRICT handle,
const uint8_t* BROTLI_RESTRICT data, const size_t mask, const size_t ix) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
FN_A(Store)(self->ha, data, mask, ix);
FN_B(Store)(self->hb, data, mask, ix);
static BROTLI_INLINE void FN(StoreRange)(HasherHandle handle,
const uint8_t* data, const size_t mask, const size_t ix_start,
const size_t ix_end) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
FN_A(StoreRange)(self->ha, data, mask, ix_start, ix_end);
FN_B(StoreRange)(self->hb, data, mask, ix_start, ix_end);
static BROTLI_INLINE void FN(StitchToPreviousBlock)(HasherHandle handle,
size_t num_bytes, size_t position, const uint8_t* ringbuffer,
size_t ring_buffer_mask) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
FN_A(StitchToPreviousBlock)(self->ha, num_bytes, position, ringbuffer,
FN_B(StitchToPreviousBlock)(self->hb, num_bytes, position, ringbuffer,
static BROTLI_INLINE void FN(PrepareDistanceCache)(
HasherHandle handle, int* BROTLI_RESTRICT distance_cache) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
FN_A(PrepareDistanceCache)(self->ha, distance_cache);
FN_B(PrepareDistanceCache)(self->hb, distance_cache);
static BROTLI_INLINE void FN(FindLongestMatch)(HasherHandle handle,
const BrotliEncoderDictionary* dictionary,
const uint8_t* BROTLI_RESTRICT data, const size_t ring_buffer_mask,
const int* BROTLI_RESTRICT distance_cache, const size_t cur_ix,
const size_t max_length, const size_t max_backward,
const size_t gap, const size_t max_distance,
HasherSearchResult* BROTLI_RESTRICT out) {
HashComposite* self = FN(Self)(handle);
FN_A(FindLongestMatch)(self->ha, dictionary, data, ring_buffer_mask,
distance_cache, cur_ix, max_length, max_backward, gap,
max_distance, out);
FN_B(FindLongestMatch)(self->hb, dictionary, data, ring_buffer_mask,
distance_cache, cur_ix, max_length, max_backward, gap,
max_distance, out);
#undef HashComposite