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/* Copyright 2017 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Distributed under MIT license.
See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
#include <brotli/shared_dictionary.h>
#include <brotli/types.h>
#include "../common/dictionary.h"
#include "../common/platform.h"
#include "compound_dictionary.h"
#include "memory.h"
#include "static_dict_lut.h"
#if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
extern "C" {
Dictionary hierarchy for Encoder:
---PreparedDictionary [up to 15x]
= prefix dictionary with precomputed hashes
---BrotliEncoderDictionary [up to 64x]
= for each context, precomputed static dictionary with words + transforms
Dictionary hiearchy from common: similar, but without precomputed hashes
--BrotliDictionary [up to 64x]
--BrotliTransforms [up to 64x]
--const uint8_t* prefix [up to 15x]: compound dictionaries
typedef struct BrotliTrieNode {
uint8_t single; /* if 1, sub is a single node for c instead of 256 */
uint8_t c;
uint8_t len_; /* untransformed length */
uint32_t idx_; /* word index + num words * transform index */
uint32_t sub; /* index of sub node(s) in the pool */
} BrotliTrieNode;
typedef struct BrotliTrie {
BrotliTrieNode* pool;
size_t pool_capacity;
size_t pool_size;
BrotliTrieNode root;
} BrotliTrie;
BROTLI_INTERNAL const BrotliTrieNode* BrotliTrieSub(const BrotliTrie* trie,
const BrotliTrieNode* node, uint8_t c);
/* Dictionary data (words and transforms) for 1 possible context */
typedef struct BrotliEncoderDictionary {
const BrotliDictionary* words;
uint32_t num_transforms;
/* cut off for fast encoder */
uint32_t cutoffTransformsCount;
uint64_t cutoffTransforms;
/* from dictionary_hash.h, for fast encoder */
const uint16_t* hash_table_words;
const uint8_t* hash_table_lengths;
/* from static_dict_lut.h, for slow encoder */
const uint16_t* buckets;
const DictWord* dict_words;
/* Heavy version, for use by slow encoder when there are custom transforms.
Contains every possible transformed dictionary word in a trie. It encodes
about as fast as the non-heavy encoder but consumes a lot of memory and
takes time to build. */
BrotliTrie trie;
BROTLI_BOOL has_words_heavy;
/* Reference to other dictionaries. */
const struct ContextualEncoderDictionary* parent;
/* Allocated memory, used only when not using the Brotli defaults */
uint16_t* hash_table_data_words_;
uint8_t* hash_table_data_lengths_;
size_t buckets_alloc_size_;
uint16_t* buckets_data_;
size_t dict_words_alloc_size_;
DictWord* dict_words_data_;
BrotliDictionary* words_instance_;
} BrotliEncoderDictionary;
/* Dictionary data for all 64 contexts */
typedef struct ContextualEncoderDictionary {
BROTLI_BOOL context_based;
uint8_t num_dictionaries;
const BrotliEncoderDictionary* dict[SHARED_BROTLI_NUM_DICTIONARY_CONTEXTS];
/* If num_instances_ is 1, instance_ is used, else dynamic allocation with
instances_ is used. */
size_t num_instances_;
BrotliEncoderDictionary instance_;
BrotliEncoderDictionary* instances_;
} ContextualEncoderDictionary;
typedef struct SharedEncoderDictionary {
/* Magic value to distinguish this struct from PreparedDictionary for
certain external usages. */
uint32_t magic;
/* LZ77 prefix, compound dictionary */
CompoundDictionary compound;
/* Custom static dictionary (optionally context-based) */
ContextualEncoderDictionary contextual;
/* The maximum quality the dictionary was computed for */
int max_quality;
} SharedEncoderDictionary;
typedef struct ManagedDictionary {
uint32_t magic;
MemoryManager memory_manager_;
uint32_t* dictionary;
} ManagedDictionary;
/* Initializes to the brotli built-in dictionary */
BROTLI_INTERNAL void BrotliInitSharedEncoderDictionary(
SharedEncoderDictionary* dict);
/* Initializes to shared dictionary that will be parsed from
encoded_dict. Requires that you keep the encoded_dict buffer
around, parts of data will point to it. */
BROTLI_INTERNAL BROTLI_BOOL BrotliInitCustomSharedEncoderDictionary(
MemoryManager* m, const uint8_t* encoded_dict, size_t size,
int quality, SharedEncoderDictionary* dict);
BROTLI_INTERNAL void BrotliCleanupSharedEncoderDictionary(
MemoryManager* m, SharedEncoderDictionary* dict);
BROTLI_INTERNAL ManagedDictionary* BrotliCreateManagedDictionary(
brotli_alloc_func alloc_func, brotli_free_func free_func, void* opaque);
BROTLI_INTERNAL void BrotliDestroyManagedDictionary(
ManagedDictionary* dictionary);
#if defined(__cplusplus) || defined(c_plusplus)
} /* extern "C" */