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#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "test bazel"
set -x
set -e
# Get the latest version number from emscripten-releases-tag.json.
VER=$(grep -oP '(?<=latest\": \")([\d\.]+)(?=\")' \
emscripten-releases-tags.json \
| sed --expression "s/\./\\\./g")
# Based on the latest version number, get the commit hash for that version.
HASH=$(grep "\"${VER}\"" emscripten-releases-tags.json \
| grep -v latest \
| cut -f4 -d\")
FAILMSG="!!! scripts/ needs to be run !!!"
# Ensure the WORKSPACE file is up to date with the latest version.
grep ${VER} bazel/revisions.bzl || (echo ${FAILMSG} && false)
grep ${HASH} bazel/revisions.bzl || (echo ${FAILMSG} && false)
cd bazel
bazel build //hello-world:hello-world-wasm
bazel build //hello-world:hello-world-wasm-simd
cd test_external
bazel build //:hello-world-wasm
bazel build //:hello-embind-wasm --compilation_mode dbg # debug
# Test use of the closure compiler
bazel build //:hello-embind-wasm --compilation_mode opt # release
# This function should not be minified if the externs file is loaded correctly.
grep "customJSFunctionToTestClosure" bazel-bin/hello-embind-wasm/hello-embind.js