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#!/usr/bin/env bash
echo "test the standard workflow (as close as possible to how a user would do it, in the shell)"
set -x
set -e
# Test that arbitrary (non-released) versions can be installed and
# activated.
./emsdk install sdk-upstream-5c776e6a91c0cb8edafca16a652ee1ee48f4f6d2
./emsdk activate sdk-upstream-5c776e6a91c0cb8edafca16a652ee1ee48f4f6d2
source ./
which emcc
emcc -v
# Install an older version of the SDK that requires EM_CACHE to be
# set in the environment, so that we can test it is later removed
./emsdk install sdk-fastcomp-3b8cff670e9233a6623563add831647e8689a86b
./emsdk activate sdk-fastcomp-3b8cff670e9233a6623563add831647e8689a86b
source ./
which emcc
emcc -v
test -n "$EM_CACHE"
# Install the latest version of the SDK which is the expected precondition
# of
./emsdk install latest
./emsdk activate latest
source ./ --build=Release
# Test that EM_CACHE was unset
test -z "$EM_CACHE"
# On mac and windows python3 should be in the path and point to the
# bundled version.
which python3
which emcc
emcc -v