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// Copyright (c) 2019 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include "source/fuzz/protobufs/spirvfuzz_protobufs.h"
#include "spirv-tools/libspirv.hpp"
namespace spvtools {
namespace fuzz {
// Shrinks a sequence of transformations that lead to an interesting SPIR-V
// binary to yield a smaller sequence of transformations that still produce an
// interesting binary.
class Shrinker {
// Possible statuses that can result from running the shrinker.
enum class ShrinkerResultStatus {
struct ShrinkerResult {
ShrinkerResultStatus status;
std::vector<uint32_t> transformed_binary;
protobufs::TransformationSequence applied_transformations;
// The type for a function that will take a binary, |binary|, and return true
// if and only if the binary is deemed interesting. (The function also takes
// an integer argument, |counter|, that will be incremented each time the
// function is called; this is for debugging purposes).
// The notion of "interesting" depends on what properties of the binary or
// tools that process the binary we are trying to maintain during shrinking.
using InterestingnessFunction = std::function<bool(
const std::vector<uint32_t>& binary, uint32_t counter)>;
Shrinker(spv_target_env target_env, MessageConsumer consumer,
const std::vector<uint32_t>& binary_in,
const protobufs::FactSequence& initial_facts,
const protobufs::TransformationSequence& transformation_sequence_in,
const InterestingnessFunction& interestingness_function,
uint32_t step_limit, bool validate_during_replay,
spv_validator_options validator_options);
// Disables copy/move constructor/assignment operations.
Shrinker(const Shrinker&) = delete;
Shrinker(Shrinker&&) = delete;
Shrinker& operator=(const Shrinker&) = delete;
Shrinker& operator=(Shrinker&&) = delete;
// Requires that when |transformation_sequence_in_| is applied to |binary_in_|
// with initial facts |initial_facts_|, the resulting binary is interesting
// according to |interestingness_function_|.
// If shrinking succeeded -- possibly terminating early due to reaching the
// shrinker's step limit -- an associated result status is returned together
// with a subsequence of |transformation_sequence_in_| that, when applied
// to |binary_in_| with initial facts |initial_facts_|, produces a binary
// that is also interesting according to |interestingness_function_|; this
// binary is also returned.
// If shrinking failed for some reason, an appropriate result status is
// returned together with an empty binary and empty transformation sequence.
ShrinkerResult Run();
// Returns the id bound for the given SPIR-V binary, which is assumed to be
// valid.
uint32_t GetIdBound(const std::vector<uint32_t>& binary) const;
// Target environment.
const spv_target_env target_env_;
// Message consumer that will be invoked once for each message communicated
// from the library.
MessageConsumer consumer_;
// The binary to which transformations are to be applied.
const std::vector<uint32_t>& binary_in_;
// Initial facts known to hold in advance of applying any transformations.
const protobufs::FactSequence& initial_facts_;
// The series of transformations to be shrunk.
const protobufs::TransformationSequence& transformation_sequence_in_;
// Function that decides whether a given module is interesting.
const InterestingnessFunction& interestingness_function_;
// Step limit to decide when to terminate shrinking early.
const uint32_t step_limit_;
// Determines whether to check for validity during the replaying of
// transformations.
const bool validate_during_replay_;
// Options to control validation.
spv_validator_options validator_options_;
} // namespace fuzz
} // namespace spvtools