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  1. Genglvnd
  4. gl.xml
  5. glx.xml
  6. glxproto.reserved.txt
  7. Makefile
  9. readme.pdf
  10. readme.tex
  12. registry.rnc
  13. testesext.c
  14. testglext.c
  15. vendors.txt
  16. wgl.xml
  17. wgltypes.txt

OpenGL XML API Registry

This directory contains the OpenGL, GLX, and WGL XML API registries, in gl.xml, glx.xml, and wgl.xml respectively. They are used to reserve enumerant ranges for vendors working on new extensions, to register extension interfaces when an extension is published, and to generate the Khronos-supplied header files in ../api .

The canonical versions are always found in the master branch of the github repository at

The ‘validate’ Makefile target uses the ‘jing’ tool to confirm that each XML file is structurally valid and conforms to the registry schema in registry.rnc. The schema is described in detail in readme.pdf.

The ‘default’ Makefile target generates updated headers in ../api/ from the XML files.

Note that while there are targets for ../api/{gl.h,glx.h,wgl.h} in and, these targets are not generated by default and are experimental. At present, you should use the versions of these headers shipped with your OS or IHV SDK.