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<!-- ================================ SYNOPSIS -->
<refnamediv id="release_event">
Decrements the event reference count.
<refsynopsisdiv xmlns:xlink=""><title></title>
<link xlink:href="scalarDataTypes.html">void</link>
<link xlink:href="otherDataTypes.html">clk_event_t</link>
<!-- ================================ DESCRIPTION -->
<refsect1 id="description"><title>Description</title>
Decrements the event reference count. The event object is deleted once the event reference
count is zero, the specific command identified by this event has completed (or terminated) and
there are no commands in any device command queue that require a wait for this event to complete.
<varname>event</varname> must be an event returned by
<citerefentry><refentrytitle>enqueue_kernel</refentrytitle></citerefentry> or
<citerefentry><refentrytitle>enqueue_marker</refentrytitle></citerefentry> or
a user event.
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<olink uri="eventFunctions">OpenCL Specification</olink>
<!-- ================================ ALSO SEE -->
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<citerefentry href="eventFunctions"><refentrytitle>Event Functions</refentrytitle></citerefentry>
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