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<!-- OpenCL C spec., footnote 35 on p. 89, section 6.13.6 Relational Functions;
applies to all relational functions -->
If an implementation extends this specification to support IEEE-754 flags or
exceptions, then all built-in relational functions shall proceed without raising the
<varname>invalid</varname> floating-point exception when one or more of the operands
are NaNs.
<!-- Extension spec., p. 20, section 9.4.5, Half - Relational Functions;
applies to all half relational functions -->
The built-in relational functions are extended with
<citerefentry><refentrytitle>cl_khr_fp16</refentrytitle></citerefentry> to
include versions that take <type>half</type>, and
<type>half{2|3|4|8|16}</type> as arguments.
<!-- 13-Dec-2013, rev. 19 -->