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<!-- table 5.1 - List of supported cl_queue_property values and description -->
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<entry>Queue Properties</entry>
<entry>Property Value</entry>
<entry><para>This is a bitfield and can be set to a
combination of the following values:</para>
<para><constant>CL_QUEUE_OUT_OF_ORDER_EXEC_MODE_ENABLE</constant> -
Determines whether the
commands queued in the command-queue
are executed in-order or out-of-order. If
set, the commands in the command-queue
are executed out-of-order. Otherwise,
commands are executed in-order.</para>
<para><constant>CL_QUEUE_PROFILING_ENABLE</constant> -
Enable or disable profiling of commands in
the command-queue. If set, the profiling of
commands is enabled. Otherwise profiling
of commands is disabled.</para>
<para><constant>CL_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE</constant> - Indicates that this
is a device queue. If <constant>CL_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE</constant>
is set, <constant>CL_QUEUE_OUT_OF_ORDER_EXEC_MODE_ENABLE</constant>
must also be set. Only out-of-order device queues are supported.</para>
<para><constant>CL_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE_DEFAULT</constant> -
indicates that this is the default device
queue. This can only be used with
The application must create the default device queue
if any kernels containing calls to get_default_queue are
enqueued. There can only be one default device
queue for each device within a context.
clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties with
<constant>CL_QUEUE_PROPERTIES</constant> set to
<constant>CL_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE</constant> |
will return the default device queue that has
already been created and
increment its retain count by 1.
<para>If <constant>CL_QUEUE_PROPERTIES</constant> is not
specified an in-order host command queue
is created for the specified device.</para>
<entry><para>Specifies the size of the device queue in
<para>This can only be specified if
<constant>CL_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE</constant> is set in
<constant>CL_QUEUE_PROPERTIES</constant>. This must be a
value &le; <constant>CL_DEVICE_QUEUE_ON_DEVICE_MAX_SIZE</constant>.</para>
<para>For best performance, this should be &le;
<para>If <constant>CL_QUEUE_SIZE</constant> is not specified, the
device queue is created with
as the size of the queue.</para></entry>
Applies only if the
extension is enabled.
Can be one of
<constant>CL_QUEUE_PRIORITY_MED_KHR</constant>, or
If <constant>CL_QUEUE_PRIORITY_KHR</constant>
is not specified then the default priority is
Applies only if the
extension is enabled.
Can be one of
If <constant>CL_QUEUE_THROTTLE_KHR</constant>
is not specified then the default priority is
<!-- 4-Nov-2015, API ver 2.1 rev 19; Ext ver 2.1 rev 10; C lang ver 2.0 rev 30 -->