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Vector Data Load and Store Functions allow you to read and write vector types
from a pointer to memory.
The results of vector data load and store functions are undefined if the address being read from
or written to is not correctly aligned. The pointer argument <varname>p</varname> can be a
pointer to <citerefentry href="global"><refentrytitle>__global</refentrytitle></citerefentry>,
<citerefentry href="local"><refentrytitle>__local</refentrytitle></citerefentry>, or
<citerefentry href="private"><refentrytitle>__private</refentrytitle></citerefentry> memory
for store functions. The pointer argument <varname>p</varname> can be a pointer to
__global, __local, <citerefentry href="constant"><refentrytitle>__constant</refentrytitle></citerefentry>
or __private memory for load functions.