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 New enumerant ranges can be allocated by proposing a pull request to master
-branch of that repository modifying the file, following the
+branch of that repository modifying `cl.xml`, following the
 existing examples. Allocate ranges starting at the lowest free values
 available (search for "Reserved for vendor extensions"). Ranges are not
-officially allocated until your pull request is *accepted* into master. At
-that point you can use values from your assigned range for API extensions.
+officially allocated until your pull request is *accepted* into master
+branch of the OpenCL-Docs repository. At that point you can use values from
+your assigned range for API extensions.
 == Adding Extension Specifications
@@ -43,8 +44,6 @@
   'clext.php' from ''. If this doesn't succeed due to not having
   the right Python version or something like that, we'll take care of it
   when merging to master.
-* We are no longer registering extension numbers in 'xml/cl.xml', for
-  consistency with the combined GL registry scripts.
 Sometimes extension text files contain inappropriate UTF-8 characters. They
 should be restricted to the ASCII subset of UTF-8 at present. They can be
@@ -64,9 +63,6 @@
 * 'index.php' - toplevel index page for the web view. This relies on PHP
   include files found elsewhere on and so is not very useful
   in isolation.
-* 'xml/cl.xml' - enumerant and extension number registry. Documents the
-  assigned OpenCL enumerant ranges, and the names and index numbers assigned
-  to OpenCL extension specifications.
 * 'extensions/' - OpenCL extension specifications, grouped into
   vendor-specific subdirectories.
 ** 'extensions/' - extension registry.