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 MoltenVK 1.0.33
-Released TBD
+Released 2019/02/28
 - Support the `VK_EXT_memory_budget` extension.
+- Support  8-bit part of `VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8`.
+- Disable the `shaderStorageImageMultisample` feature.
+- Modify to direct developers to Vulkan SDK.
+- Clarify Xcode version requirements in documentation.
 - Use the `MTLDevice registryID` property to locate the GPU in `IOKit`.
 - Add GPU device ID for *iOS A12* SoC.
 - Allow logging level to be controlled with `MVK_CONFIG_LOG_LEVEL` 
   runtime environment variable.
 - Allow forcing use of low-power GPU using `MVK_CONFIG_FORCE_LOW_POWER_GPU` 
   runtime environment variable.
+  Set MSL version for shader compiling from Metal feature set.
 - Don't warn on identity swizzles when `fullImageViewSwizzle` config setting is enabled.
 - Track version of spvAux buffer struct in SPRIV-Cross and fail build if different
   than version expected by MoltenVK.
-- Modify to direct developers to Vulkan SDK.
+- Add static and dynamic libraries to MoltenVKShaderConverter project.
 - Fix crash from use of MTLDevice registryID on early OS versions.
+- `fetchDependencies`: Fix issue loading from `Vulkan-Portability_repo_revision`.
+- `fetchDependencies`: Clean MoltenVK build to ensure using latest dependency libs.
+- Update to latest dependency libraries to support SDK 1.1.101.
 - Update to latest SPIRV-Cross version:
-	- MSL: Implement 8-bit part of VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8.
+	- MSL: Implement 8-bit part of `VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8`.
 	- MSL: Add a setting to capture vertex shader output to a buffer.
 	- MSL: Stop passing the aux buffer around.
 	- Support LUTs in single-function CFGs on Private storage class.
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-REPO_REV=$(cat "../${EXT_REV_DIR}/${REPO_NAME}_repo_revision")
+REPO_REV=$(cat "${EXT_REV_DIR}/${REPO_NAME}_repo_revision")
 update_repo ${REPO_NAME} ${REPO_URL} ${REPO_REV}