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* MVKDeviceMemory.h
* Copyright (c) 2015-2022 The Brenwill Workshop Ltd. (
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "MVKDevice.h"
#include "MVKSmallVector.h"
#include <mutex>
#import <Metal/Metal.h>
class MVKImageMemoryBinding;
// TODO: These are inoperable placeholders until VK_KHR_external_memory_metal defines them properly
#pragma mark MVKDeviceMemory
typedef struct MVKMappedMemoryRange {
VkDeviceSize offset = 0;
VkDeviceSize size = 0;
} MVKMappedMemoryRange;
/** Represents a Vulkan device-space memory allocation. */
class MVKDeviceMemory : public MVKVulkanAPIDeviceObject {
/** Returns the Vulkan type of this object. */
VkObjectType getVkObjectType() override { return VK_OBJECT_TYPE_DEVICE_MEMORY; }
/** Returns the debug report object type of this object. */
VkDebugReportObjectTypeEXT getVkDebugReportObjectType() override { return VK_DEBUG_REPORT_OBJECT_TYPE_DEVICE_MEMORY_EXT; }
/** Returns whether the memory is accessible from the host. */
inline bool isMemoryHostAccessible() {
if (_mtlStorageMode == MTLStorageModeMemoryless)
return false;
return (_mtlStorageMode != MTLStorageModePrivate);
/** Returns whether the memory is automatically coherent between device and host. */
inline bool isMemoryHostCoherent() { return (_mtlStorageMode == MTLStorageModeShared); }
/** Returns whether this is a dedicated allocation. */
inline bool isDedicatedAllocation() { return _isDedicated; }
/** Returns the memory already committed by this instance. */
inline VkDeviceSize getDeviceMemoryCommitment() { return _allocationSize; }
* Returns the host memory address of this memory, or NULL if the memory
* is marked as device-only and cannot be mapped to a host address.
inline void* getHostMemoryAddress() { return _pMemory; }
* Maps the memory address at the specified offset from the start of this memory allocation,
* and returns the address in the specified data reference.
VkResult map(VkDeviceSize offset, VkDeviceSize size, VkMemoryMapFlags flags, void** ppData);
/** Unmaps a previously mapped memory range. */
void unmap();
* If this device memory is currently mapped to host memory, returns the range within
* this device memory that is currently mapped to host memory, or returns {0,0} if
* this device memory is not currently mapped to host memory.
inline const MVKMappedMemoryRange& getMappedRange() { return _mappedRange; }
/** Returns whether this device memory is currently mapped to host memory. */
bool isMapped() { return _mappedRange.size > 0; }
/** If this memory is host-visible, the specified memory range is flushed to the device. */
VkResult flushToDevice(VkDeviceSize offset, VkDeviceSize size);
* If this memory is host-visible, pulls the specified memory range from the device.
* If pBlitEnc is not null, it points to a holder for a MTLBlitCommandEncoder and its
* associated MTLCommandBuffer. If this instance has a MTLBuffer using managed memory,
* this function may call synchronizeResource: on the MTLBlitCommandEncoder to
* synchronize the GPU contents to the CPU. If the contents of the pBlitEnc do not
* include a MTLBlitCommandEncoder and MTLCommandBuffer, this function will create
* them and populate the contents into the MVKMTLBlitEncoder struct.
VkResult pullFromDevice(VkDeviceSize offset,
VkDeviceSize size,
MVKMTLBlitEncoder* pBlitEnc = nullptr);
#pragma mark Metal
/** Returns the Metal buffer underlying this memory allocation. */
inline id<MTLBuffer> getMTLBuffer() { return _mtlBuffer; }
/** Returns the Metal heap underlying this memory allocation. */
inline id<MTLHeap> getMTLHeap() { return _mtlHeap; }
/** Returns the Metal storage mode used by this memory allocation. */
inline MTLStorageMode getMTLStorageMode() { return _mtlStorageMode; }
/** Returns the Metal CPU cache mode used by this memory allocation. */
inline MTLCPUCacheMode getMTLCPUCacheMode() { return _mtlCPUCacheMode; }
/** Returns the Metal resource options used by this memory allocation. */
inline MTLResourceOptions getMTLResourceOptions() { return mvkMTLResourceOptions(_mtlStorageMode, _mtlCPUCacheMode); }
#pragma mark Construction
/** Constructs an instance for the specified device. */
MVKDeviceMemory(MVKDevice* device,
const VkMemoryAllocateInfo* pAllocateInfo,
const VkAllocationCallbacks* pAllocator);
~MVKDeviceMemory() override;
friend class MVKBuffer;
friend class MVKImageMemoryBinding;
friend class MVKImagePlane;
void propagateDebugName() override;
VkDeviceSize adjustMemorySize(VkDeviceSize size, VkDeviceSize offset);
VkResult addBuffer(MVKBuffer* mvkBuff);
void removeBuffer(MVKBuffer* mvkBuff);
VkResult addImageMemoryBinding(MVKImageMemoryBinding* mvkImg);
void removeImageMemoryBinding(MVKImageMemoryBinding* mvkImg);
bool ensureMTLHeap();
bool ensureMTLBuffer();
bool ensureHostMemory();
void freeHostMemory();
MVKResource* getDedicatedResource();
void initExternalMemory(VkExternalMemoryHandleTypeFlags handleTypes);
MVKSmallVector<MVKBuffer*, 4> _buffers;
MVKSmallVector<MVKImageMemoryBinding*, 4> _imageMemoryBindings;
std::mutex _rezLock;
VkDeviceSize _allocationSize = 0;
MVKMappedMemoryRange _mappedRange;
id<MTLBuffer> _mtlBuffer = nil;
id<MTLHeap> _mtlHeap = nil;
void* _pMemory = nullptr;
void* _pHostMemory = nullptr;
VkMemoryPropertyFlags _vkMemProps;
MTLStorageMode _mtlStorageMode;
MTLCPUCacheMode _mtlCPUCacheMode;
bool _isDedicated = false;