Merge pull request #1411 from billhollings/blit-from-compressed

Fix issue with vkCmdBlitImage() from compressed textures.
diff --git a/Docs/ b/Docs/
index 2683e1c..7ea2acb 100644
--- a/Docs/
+++ b/Docs/
@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
 - Vulkan timestamp query pools use Metal GPU counters when available.
 - Fix issue where swapchain images were acquired out of order under heavy load.
+- Fix issue with `vkCmdBlitImage()` from compressed textures.
 - Fix incorrect translation of clear color values on Apple Silicon.
 - Fix swizzle of depth and stencil values into RGBA (`float4`) variable in shaders.
diff --git a/MoltenVK/MoltenVK/Commands/ b/MoltenVK/MoltenVK/Commands/
index c192d5d..2a3b02a 100644
--- a/MoltenVK/MoltenVK/Commands/
+++ b/MoltenVK/MoltenVK/Commands/
@@ -361,15 +361,16 @@
 NSString* MVKCommandResourceFactory::getMTLFormatTypeString(MTLPixelFormat mtlPixFmt) {
 	switch (getPixelFormats()->getFormatType(mtlPixFmt)) {
-		case kMVKFormatColorHalf:		return @"half";
-		case kMVKFormatColorFloat:		return @"float";
 		case kMVKFormatColorInt8:
 		case kMVKFormatColorInt16:		return @"short";
 		case kMVKFormatColorUInt8:
 		case kMVKFormatColorUInt16:		return @"ushort";
 		case kMVKFormatColorInt32:		return @"int";
 		case kMVKFormatColorUInt32:		return @"uint";
-		case kMVKFormatDepthStencil:	return @"float";
+		case kMVKFormatColorHalf:		return @"half";
+		case kMVKFormatColorFloat:
+		case kMVKFormatDepthStencil:
+		case kMVKFormatCompressed:		return @"float";
 		default:						return @"unexpected_type";