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* MVKCommandBuffer.h
* Copyright (c) 2015-2022 The Brenwill Workshop Ltd. (
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#pragma once
#include "MVKDevice.h"
#include "MVKCommand.h"
#include "MVKCommandEncoderState.h"
#include "MVKMTLBufferAllocation.h"
#include "MVKRenderPass.h"
#include "MVKCmdPipeline.h"
#include "MVKQueryPool.h"
#include "MVKSmallVector.h"
#include <unordered_map>
class MVKCommandPool;
class MVKQueueCommandBufferSubmission;
class MVKCommandEncoder;
class MVKCommandEncodingPool;
class MVKCmdBeginRenderPassBase;
class MVKCmdNextSubpass;
class MVKRenderPass;
class MVKFramebuffer;
class MVKRenderSubpass;
class MVKQueryPool;
class MVKPipeline;
class MVKGraphicsPipeline;
class MVKComputePipeline;
typedef uint64_t MVKMTLCommandBufferID;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark MVKCommandEncodingContext
/** Context for tracking information across multiple encodings. */
typedef struct MVKCommandEncodingContext {
NSUInteger mtlVisibilityResultOffset = 0;
const MVKMTLBufferAllocation* visibilityResultBuffer = nullptr;
MVKRenderPass* getRenderPass() { return _renderPass; }
MVKFramebuffer* getFramebuffer() { return _framebuffer; }
void setRenderingContext(MVKRenderPass* renderPass, MVKFramebuffer* framebuffer);
VkRenderingFlags getRenderingFlags() { return _renderPass ? _renderPass->getRenderingFlags() : 0; }
MVKRenderPass* _renderPass = nullptr;
MVKFramebuffer* _framebuffer = nullptr;
} MVKCommandEncodingContext;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark MVKCommandBuffer
/** Represents a Vulkan command pool. */
class MVKCommandBuffer : public MVKDispatchableVulkanAPIObject,
public MVKDeviceTrackingMixin,
public MVKLinkableMixin<MVKCommandBuffer> {
/** Returns the Vulkan type of this object. */
VkObjectType getVkObjectType() override { return VK_OBJECT_TYPE_COMMAND_BUFFER; }
/** Returns the debug report object type of this object. */
VkDebugReportObjectTypeEXT getVkDebugReportObjectType() override { return VK_DEBUG_REPORT_OBJECT_TYPE_COMMAND_BUFFER_EXT; }
/** Returns a pointer to the Vulkan instance. */
MVKInstance* getInstance() override { return _device->getInstance(); }
/** Prepares this instance to receive commands. */
VkResult begin(const VkCommandBufferBeginInfo* pBeginInfo);
/** Resets this instance to allow it to receive new commands. */
VkResult reset(VkCommandBufferResetFlags flags);
/** Closes this buffer from receiving commands and prepares for submission to a queue. */
VkResult end();
/** Adds the specified execution command at the end of this command buffer. */
void addCommand(MVKCommand* command);
/** Returns the number of commands currently in this command buffer. */
inline uint32_t getCommandCount() { return _commandCount; }
/** Returns the command pool backing this command buffer. */
inline MVKCommandPool* getCommandPool() { return _commandPool; }
/** Submit the commands in this buffer as part of the queue submission. */
void submit(MVKQueueCommandBufferSubmission* cmdBuffSubmit, MVKCommandEncodingContext* pEncodingContext);
/** Returns whether this command buffer can be submitted to a queue more than once. */
inline bool getIsReusable() { return _isReusable; }
* Metal requires that a visibility buffer is established when a render pass is created,
* but Vulkan permits it to be set during a render pass. When the first occlusion query
* command is added, it sets this value so that it can be applied when the first renderpass
* is begun.
bool _needsVisibilityResultMTLBuffer;
/** Called when a MVKCmdExecuteCommands is added to this command buffer. */
void recordExecuteCommands(const MVKArrayRef<MVKCommandBuffer*> secondaryCommandBuffers);
/** Called when a timestamp command is added. */
void recordTimestampCommand();
#pragma mark Tessellation constituent command management
/** Update the last recorded pipeline with tessellation shaders */
void recordBindPipeline(MVKCmdBindPipeline* mvkBindPipeline);
/** The most recent recorded tessellation pipeline */
MVKCmdBindPipeline* _lastTessellationPipeline;
#pragma mark Multiview render pass command management
/** Update the last recorded multiview render pass */
void recordBeginRenderPass(MVKCmdBeginRenderPassBase* mvkBeginRenderPass);
/** Update the last recorded multiview subpass */
void recordNextSubpass();
/** Forget the last recorded multiview render pass */
void recordEndRenderPass();
/** The most recent recorded multiview render subpass */
MVKRenderSubpass* _lastMultiviewSubpass;
/** Returns the currently active multiview render subpass, even for secondary command buffers */
MVKRenderSubpass* getLastMultiviewSubpass();
#pragma mark Construction
MVKCommandBuffer(MVKDevice* device) : MVKDeviceTrackingMixin(device) {}
~MVKCommandBuffer() override;
* Returns a reference to this object suitable for use as a Vulkan API handle.
* This is the compliment of the getMVKCommandBuffer() method.
inline VkCommandBuffer getVkCommandBuffer() { return (VkCommandBuffer)getVkHandle(); }
* Retrieves the MVKCommandBuffer instance referenced by the VkCommandBuffer handle.
* This is the compliment of the getVkCommandBuffer() method.
static inline MVKCommandBuffer* getMVKCommandBuffer(VkCommandBuffer vkCommandBuffer) {
return (MVKCommandBuffer*)getDispatchableObject(vkCommandBuffer);
friend class MVKCommandEncoder;
friend class MVKCommandPool;
MVKBaseObject* getBaseObject() override { return this; };
void propagateDebugName() override {}
void init(const VkCommandBufferAllocateInfo* pAllocateInfo);
bool canExecute();
bool canPrefill();
void prefill();
void clearPrefilledMTLCommandBuffer();
void releaseCommands(MVKCommand* command);
void releaseRecordedCommands();
void flushImmediateCmdEncoder();
MVKCommand* _head = nullptr;
MVKCommand* _tail = nullptr;
MVKSmallVector<VkFormat, kMVKDefaultAttachmentCount> _colorAttachmentFormats;
MVKCommandPool* _commandPool;
VkCommandBufferInheritanceInfo _secondaryInheritanceInfo;
VkCommandBufferInheritanceRenderingInfo _inerhitanceRenderingInfo;
id<MTLCommandBuffer> _prefilledMTLCmdBuffer = nil;
MVKCommandEncodingContext* _immediateCmdEncodingContext = nullptr;
MVKCommandEncoder* _immediateCmdEncoder = nullptr;
uint32_t _commandCount;
std::atomic_flag _isExecutingNonConcurrently;
bool _isSecondary;
bool _doesContinueRenderPass;
bool _canAcceptCommands;
bool _isReusable;
bool _supportsConcurrentExecution;
bool _wasExecuted;
bool _hasStageCounterTimestampCommand;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark MVKCommandEncoder
/*** Holds a collection of active queries for each query pool. */
typedef std::unordered_map<MVKQueryPool*, MVKSmallVector<uint32_t, kMVKDefaultQueryCount>> MVKActivatedQueries;
* MVKCommandEncoder uses a visitor design pattern iterate the commands in a MVKCommandBuffer,
* tracking and caching dynamic encoding state, and encoding the commands onto Metal MTLCommandBuffers.
* Much of the dynamic cached encoding state has public access and is accessed directly
* from the commands in the command buffer.
class MVKCommandEncoder : public MVKBaseDeviceObject {
/** Returns the Vulkan API opaque object controlling this object. */
MVKVulkanAPIObject* getVulkanAPIObject() override { return _cmdBuffer->getVulkanAPIObject(); };
/** Encode commands from the command buffer onto the Metal command buffer. */
void encode(id<MTLCommandBuffer> mtlCmdBuff, MVKCommandEncodingContext* pEncodingContext);
void beginEncoding(id<MTLCommandBuffer> mtlCmdBuff, MVKCommandEncodingContext* pEncodingContext);
void encodeCommands(MVKCommand* command);
void endEncoding();
/** Encode commands from the specified secondary command buffer onto the Metal command buffer. */
void encodeSecondary(MVKCommandBuffer* secondaryCmdBuffer);
/** Begins a render pass and establishes initial draw state. */
void beginRenderpass(MVKCommand* passCmd,
VkSubpassContents subpassContents,
MVKRenderPass* renderPass,
MVKFramebuffer* framebuffer,
const VkRect2D& renderArea,
MVKArrayRef<VkClearValue> clearValues,
MVKArrayRef<MVKImageView*> attachments,
MVKArrayRef<MVKArrayRef<MTLSamplePosition>> subpassSamplePositions);
/** Begins the next render subpass. */
void beginNextSubpass(MVKCommand* subpassCmd, VkSubpassContents renderpassContents);
/** Begins the next multiview Metal render pass. */
void beginNextMultiviewPass();
/** Sets the dynamic custom sample positions to use when rendering. */
void setDynamicSamplePositions(MVKArrayRef<MTLSamplePosition> dynamicSamplePositions);
/** Begins dynamic rendering. */
void beginRendering(MVKCommand* rendCmd, const VkRenderingInfo* pRenderingInfo);
/** Begins a Metal render pass for the current render subpass. */
void beginMetalRenderPass(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
/** If a render encoder is active, encodes store actions for all attachments to it. */
void encodeStoreActions(bool storeOverride = false);
/** Returns whether or not we are presently in a render pass. */
bool isInRenderPass() { return _pEncodingContext->getRenderPass() != nullptr; }
/** Returns the render subpass that is currently active. */
MVKRenderSubpass* getSubpass();
/** The extent of current framebuffer.*/
VkExtent2D getFramebufferExtent();
/** The layer count of current framebuffer.*/
uint32_t getFramebufferLayerCount();
/** Returns the index of the currently active multiview subpass, or zero if the current render pass is not multiview. */
uint32_t getMultiviewPassIndex();
/** Begins a Metal compute encoding. */
void beginMetalComputeEncoding(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
/** Binds a pipeline to a bind point. */
void bindPipeline(VkPipelineBindPoint pipelineBindPoint, MVKPipeline* pipeline);
/** Binds the descriptor set to the index at the bind point. */
void bindDescriptorSet(VkPipelineBindPoint pipelineBindPoint,
uint32_t descSetIndex,
MVKDescriptorSet* descSet,
MVKShaderResourceBinding& dslMTLRezIdxOffsets,
MVKArrayRef<uint32_t> dynamicOffsets,
uint32_t& dynamicOffsetIndex);
/** Encodes an operation to signal an event to a status. */
void signalEvent(MVKEvent* mvkEvent, bool status);
* If a pipeline is currently bound, returns whether the current pipeline permits dynamic
* setting of the specified state. If no pipeline is currently bound, returns true.
bool supportsDynamicState(VkDynamicState state);
/** Clips the scissor to ensure it fits inside the render area. */
VkRect2D clipToRenderArea(VkRect2D scissor);
/** Called by each graphics draw command to establish any outstanding state just prior to performing the draw. */
void finalizeDrawState(MVKGraphicsStage stage);
/** Called by each compute dispatch command to establish any outstanding state just prior to performing the dispatch. */
void finalizeDispatchState();
/** Ends the current renderpass. */
void endRenderpass();
/** Ends the current dymamic rendering. */
void endRendering();
* Ends all encoding operations on the current Metal command encoder.
* This must be called once all encoding is complete, and prior
* to each switch between render, compute, and BLIT encoding.
void endCurrentMetalEncoding();
/** Ends encoding operations on the current Metal command encoder if it is a rendering encoder. */
void endMetalRenderEncoding();
* Returns the current Metal compute encoder for the specified use,
* which determines the label assigned to the returned encoder.
* If the current encoder is not a compute encoder, this function ends current before
* beginning compute encoding.
id<MTLComputeCommandEncoder> getMTLComputeEncoder(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
* Returns the current Metal BLIT encoder for the specified use,
* which determines the label assigned to the returned encoder.
* If the current encoder is not a BLIT encoder, this function ends
* the current encoder before beginning BLIT encoding.
id<MTLBlitCommandEncoder> getMTLBlitEncoder(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
* Returns the current Metal encoder, which may be any of the Metal render,
* compute, or Blit encoders, or nil if no encoding is currently occurring.
id<MTLCommandEncoder> getMTLEncoder();
/** Returns the push constants associated with the specified shader stage. */
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState* getPushConstants(VkShaderStageFlagBits shaderStage);
/** Copy bytes into the Metal encoder at a Metal vertex buffer index. */
void setVertexBytes(id<MTLRenderCommandEncoder> mtlEncoder, const void* bytes, NSUInteger length, uint32_t mtlBuffIndex);
/** Copy bytes into the Metal encoder at a Metal fragment buffer index. */
void setFragmentBytes(id<MTLRenderCommandEncoder> mtlEncoder, const void* bytes, NSUInteger length, uint32_t mtlBuffIndex);
/** Copy bytes into the Metal encoder at a Metal compute buffer index. */
void setComputeBytes(id<MTLComputeCommandEncoder> mtlEncoder, const void* bytes, NSUInteger length, uint32_t mtlBuffIndex);
/** Get a temporary MTLBuffer that will be returned to a pool after the command buffer is finished. */
const MVKMTLBufferAllocation* getTempMTLBuffer(NSUInteger length, bool isPrivate = false, bool isDedicated = false);
/** Copy the bytes to a temporary MTLBuffer that will be returned to a pool after the command buffer is finished. */
const MVKMTLBufferAllocation* copyToTempMTLBufferAllocation(const void* bytes, NSUInteger length, bool isDedicated = false);
/** Returns the command encoding pool. */
MVKCommandEncodingPool* getCommandEncodingPool();
#pragma mark Queries
/** Begins an occlusion query. */
void beginOcclusionQuery(MVKOcclusionQueryPool* pQueryPool, uint32_t query, VkQueryControlFlags flags);
/** Ends the current occlusion query. */
void endOcclusionQuery(MVKOcclusionQueryPool* pQueryPool, uint32_t query);
/** Marks a timestamp for the specified query. */
void markTimestamp(MVKTimestampQueryPool* pQueryPool, uint32_t query);
/** Reset a range of queries. */
void resetQueries(MVKQueryPool* pQueryPool, uint32_t firstQuery, uint32_t queryCount);
#pragma mark Dynamic encoding state accessed directly
/** Context for tracking information across multiple encodings. */
MVKCommandEncodingContext* _pEncodingContext;
/** A reference to the Metal features supported by the device. */
const MVKPhysicalDeviceMetalFeatures* _pDeviceMetalFeatures;
/** A reference to the Vulkan features supported by the device. */
const VkPhysicalDeviceFeatures* _pDeviceFeatures;
/** Pointer to the properties of the device. */
const VkPhysicalDeviceProperties* _pDeviceProperties;
/** Pointer to the memory properties of the device. */
const VkPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties* _pDeviceMemoryProperties;
/** The command buffer whose commands are being encoded. */
MVKCommandBuffer* _cmdBuffer;
/** The current Metal command buffer. */
id<MTLCommandBuffer> _mtlCmdBuffer;
/** The current Metal render encoder. */
id<MTLRenderCommandEncoder> _mtlRenderEncoder;
/** Tracks the current graphics pipeline bound to the encoder. */
MVKPipelineCommandEncoderState _graphicsPipelineState;
/** Tracks the current compute pipeline bound to the encoder. */
MVKPipelineCommandEncoderState _computePipelineState;
/** Tracks the current viewport state of the encoder. */
MVKViewportCommandEncoderState _viewportState;
/** Tracks the current scissor state of the encoder. */
MVKScissorCommandEncoderState _scissorState;
/** Tracks the current depth bias state of the encoder. */
MVKDepthBiasCommandEncoderState _depthBiasState;
/** Tracks the current blend color state of the encoder. */
MVKBlendColorCommandEncoderState _blendColorState;
/** Tracks the current depth stencil state of the encoder. */
MVKDepthStencilCommandEncoderState _depthStencilState;
/** Tracks the current stencil reference value state of the encoder. */
MVKStencilReferenceValueCommandEncoderState _stencilReferenceValueState;
/** Tracks the current graphics resources state of the encoder. */
MVKGraphicsResourcesCommandEncoderState _graphicsResourcesState;
/** Tracks the current compute resources state of the encoder. */
MVKComputeResourcesCommandEncoderState _computeResourcesState;
/** The type of primitive that will be rendered. */
MTLPrimitiveType _mtlPrimitiveType;
/** The size of the threadgroup for the compute shader. */
MTLSize _mtlThreadgroupSize;
/** Indicates whether the current render subpass is able to render to an array (layered) framebuffer. */
bool _canUseLayeredRendering;
/** Indicates whether the current draw is an indexed draw. */
bool _isIndexedDraw;
#pragma mark Construction
MVKCommandEncoder(MVKCommandBuffer* cmdBuffer);
void addActivatedQueries(MVKQueryPool* pQueryPool, uint32_t query, uint32_t queryCount);
void finishQueries();
void setSubpass(MVKCommand* passCmd, VkSubpassContents subpassContents, uint32_t subpassIndex);
void clearRenderArea();
NSString* getMTLRenderCommandEncoderName(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
void encodeGPUCounterSample(MVKGPUCounterQueryPool* mvkQryPool, uint32_t sampleIndex, MVKCounterSamplingFlags samplingPoints);
void encodeTimestampStageCounterSamples();
id<MTLFence> getStageCountersMTLFence();
MVKArrayRef<MTLSamplePosition> getCustomSamplePositions();
typedef struct GPUCounterQuery {
MVKGPUCounterQueryPool* queryPool = nullptr;
uint32_t query = 0;
} GPUCounterQuery;
VkRect2D _renderArea;
MVKCommand* _lastMultiviewPassCmd;
MVKActivatedQueries* _pActivatedQueries;
MVKSmallVector<GPUCounterQuery, 16> _timestampStageCounterQueries;
MVKSmallVector<VkClearValue, kMVKDefaultAttachmentCount> _clearValues;
MVKSmallVector<MVKImageView*, kMVKDefaultAttachmentCount> _attachments;
MVKSmallVector<MTLSamplePosition> _dynamicSamplePositions;
MVKSmallVector<MVKSmallVector<MTLSamplePosition>> _subpassSamplePositions;
id<MTLComputeCommandEncoder> _mtlComputeEncoder;
id<MTLBlitCommandEncoder> _mtlBlitEncoder;
id<MTLFence> _stageCountersMTLFence;
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState _vertexPushConstants;
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState _tessCtlPushConstants;
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState _tessEvalPushConstants;
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState _fragmentPushConstants;
MVKPushConstantsCommandEncoderState _computePushConstants;
MVKOcclusionQueryCommandEncoderState _occlusionQueryState;
VkSubpassContents _subpassContents;
MVKCommandUse _mtlComputeEncoderUse;
MVKCommandUse _mtlBlitEncoderUse;
uint32_t _renderSubpassIndex;
uint32_t _multiviewPassIndex;
uint32_t _flushCount = 0;
bool _isRenderingEntireAttachment;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark Support functions
/** Returns a name, suitable for use as a MTLCommandBuffer label, based on the MVKCommandUse. */
NSString* mvkMTLCommandBufferLabel(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
/** Returns a name, suitable for use as a MTLRenderCommandEncoder label, based on the MVKCommandUse. */
NSString* mvkMTLRenderCommandEncoderLabel(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
/** Returns a name, suitable for use as a MTLBlitCommandEncoder label, based on the MVKCommandUse. */
NSString* mvkMTLBlitCommandEncoderLabel(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);
/** Returns a name, suitable for use as a MTLComputeCommandEncoder label, based on the MVKCommandUse. */
NSString* mvkMTLComputeCommandEncoderLabel(MVKCommandUse cmdUse);