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 *Vulkan*, which uses *SPIR-V*. **MoltenVK** automatically converts your *SPIR-V* shaders 
 to their *MSL* equivalents.
-To provide *Vulkan* capability to the*macOS*, *iOS*, and *tvOS* platforms, **MoltenVK** uses 
+To provide *Vulkan* capability to the *macOS*, *iOS*, and *tvOS* platforms, **MoltenVK** uses 
 *Apple's* publicly available API's, including *Metal*. **MoltenVK** does **_not_** use any 
 private or undocumented API calls or features, so your app will be compatible with all 
 standard distribution channels, including *Apple's App Store*.
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 <a name="shader_load_time"></a>
 ### Shader Loading Time
-A number of steps is require to load and compile *SPIR-V* shaders into a form that *Metal* can use. 
+A number of steps is required to load and compile *SPIR-V* shaders into a form that *Metal* can use. 
 Although the overall process is fast, the slowest step involves converting shaders from *SPIR-V* to
 *MSL* source code format.
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-#What's New in MoltenVK
+# What's New in MoltenVK
 Copyright (c) 2015-2021 [The Brenwill Workshop Ltd.](
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 MoltenVK 1.1.1
-Released 2010/12/09
+Released 2020/12/09
 - Add support for extensions:
 	- `VK_KHR_sampler_mirror_clamp_to_edge` (iOS)