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Etay Meiri
Alon Or-bach
Jeff Vigil
Ray Smith
Michael Gold
James Jones
Daniel Kartch
Adam Jackson
Jon Leech
Etay Meiri (etay.meiri 'at'
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Approved by the EGL Working Group on April 27, 2016
Approved by the Khronos Board of Promoters on July 22, 2016
Version 9, 2016/09/08
EGL Extension #101
Extension Type
EGL display extension
EGL 1.4 is required. This extension is written against the EGL 1.5
Specification of August 27, 2014.
Some of the capabilities of these extensions are only available when
creating OpenGL or OpenGL ES contexts supporting specific versions or
capabilities. All such restrictions are documented in the body of this
extension specification.
Modern GPUs allow contexts to render to almost any combination of
supported color and auxiliary buffer formats. Traditionally EGL context
creation is done with respect to an EGLConfig specifying buffer formats,
and constrains contexts to only work with surfaces created with a
"compatible" config.
This extension allows creation of GL & ES contexts without specifying an
New Procedures and Functions
New Tokens
Accepted as the <config> parameter of eglCreateContext:
Additions to the EGL 1.5 Specification
Modify the 3rd paragraph of section 2.2 "Rendering Contexts and
Drawing Surfaces":
"Surfaces and contexts are both created with respect to an EGLConfig.
The EGLConfig describes the depth of the color buffer components and
the types, quantities and sizes of the ancillary buffers (i.e., the
depth, multisample, and stencil buffers). It is also possible to
create a context without using an EGLConfig, by specifying relevant
parameters at creation time (see sections 3.5 and 3.7, respectively)."
Modify the sixth paragraph of section 2.2:
"A context can be used with any EGLSurface that it is <compatible>
with (subject to the restrictions discussed in the section on
address space). A context and surface are compatible if they were
created with respect to the same EGLDisplay, and if either of the
following sets of conditions apply:
* The context was created without an EGLConfig. Such contexts match
any valid EGLSurface.
* The context and surface support the same type of color buffer
(RGB or luminance).
* They have color buffers and ancillary buffers of the same depth.
... replicate remainder of this bullet point ...
As long as the compatibility constraint and the address space ..."
Insert a new paragraph after paragraph 3 in section 3.7.1 "Creating
Rendering Contexts" on p. 51:
"<config> specifies an EGLConfig defining properties of the context. If
<config> is EGL_NO_CONFIG_KHR, the resulting context is said to be
created <without reference to an EGLConfig>. In this case, the context
must pass the required conformance tests for that client API and must
support being made current without a rendering surface. Such support is
guaranteed for OpenGL ES 2.0 implementations supporting the
GL_OES_surfaceless_context extension, OpenGL ES 3.0 and later versions
of OpenGL ES, and OpenGL 3.0 and later versions of OpenGL. Support for
other versions and other client APIs is implementation dependent."
Replace the EGL_BAD_CONFIG error for eglCreateContext on p. 56, and add
a new errors:
"* An EGL_BAD_CONFIG error is generated if <config> is neither
EGL_NO_CONFIG_KHR nor a valid <config>.
* An EGL_BAD_MATCH error is generated if <config> is EGL_NO_CONFIG_KHR,
and the requested client API type and version do not support being
made current without a rendering surface.
* An EGL_BAD_MATCH error is generated if <config> is EGL_NO_CONFIG_KHR,
and the implementation does not support the requested client API and
Modify the first error for eglMakeCurrent in the list on p. 58:
"* An EGL_BAD_MATCH error is generated if <draw> or <read> are not
compatible with <ctx>, as described in section 2.2."
Modify the description of eglQueryContext in section 3.7.4 on p. 63:
"Querying EGL_CONFIG_ID returns the ID of the EGLConfig with respect
to which the context was created, or zero if created without
respect to an EGLConfig."
As described in the body of the extension above.
Conformance Tests
Sample Code
Dependencies On EGL 1.4
If implemented on EGL 1.4, interactions with EGL 1.5-specific features
are removed.
1) Should non-conformant no-config contexts be allowed to be created?
RESOLVED: No. We are not encouraging non-conformant contexts.
2) Are no-config contexts constrained to those GL & ES implementations
which can support them?
RESOLVED: Yes. ES2 + OES_surfaceless_context, ES 3.0, and GL 3.0 all
support binding a surface without a context. This implies that they
don't need to know surface attributes at context creation time.
3) For an OpenGL or OpenGL ES context created with no config, what is the
initial state of GL_DRAW_BUFFER and GL_READ_BUFFER for the default
RESOLVED: This is an implementation detail rather than a spec issue.
glReadBuffer/glDrawBuffer have undefined results if called without a
current context. The GL_DRAW_BUFFER and GL_READ_BUFFER are set on the
first eglMakeCurrent call and can be updated in glReadBuffer and
glDrawBuffers calls after that. Therefore, the attribute value with
which the context is created is irrelevant from the point of view of the
spec and is left up to the implementation.
4) Can eglMakeCurrent alter the GL_DRAW_BUFFER and GL_READ_BUFFER state of
the default framebuffer?
RESOLVED: Yes, but only on the first call to eglMakeCurrent. The two
relevant excerpts from the OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile Specification.
From Section 4.2.1 Selecting a Buffer for Writing:
For the default framebuffer, in the initial state the draw buffer
for fragment color zero is BACK if there is a back buffer; FRONT if
there is no back buffer; and NONE if no default framebuffer is
associated with the context.
From 4.3.3 Pixel Draw/Read State:
For the default framebuffer, in the initial state the read buffer is
BACK if there is a back buffer; FRONT if there is no back buffer;
and NONE if no default framebuffer is associated with the context.
Based on the above excerpts on the first call to eglMakeCurrent the
GL_DRAW_BUFFER and GL_READ_BUFFER are set to: GL_NONE if the surface is
NULL, GL_BACK if the surface is double buffered, GL_FRONT if the surface
is single buffered. Following calls to glReadBuffer and glDrawBuffers
change the GL_DRAW_BUFFER and GL_READ_BUFFER attributes and these values
persist even when the application change the current context.
5) Should we add an eglCreateGenericContext which is the same as
eglCreateContext but without the config parameter?
6) Can no-config contexts share state with contexts that has a config?
RESOLVED: Yes. This extension implies that the dependency of the context
on the config is quite minimal so no restriction w.r.t sharing should be
7) What surface types can be made current with a no-config context?
RESOLVED: any surface type supported by the implementation can be made
current with a no-config context.
Revision History
Version 9. 2016/09/08 (Jon Leech) - Modify cast of EGL_NO_CONFIG_KHR to
(EGLConfig) per bug 15473.
Version 8. 2016/08/09 (Jon Leech) - Assign extension number, reflow
text, and publish.
Version 7. 2016/05/09 - Recorded vote at working group and sent to
Promoters for ratification.
Version 6. 2016/04/27 - Updated issue #6. Added an EGL_BAD_MATCH case to
Version 5. 2016/04/20 - White space cleanup. Added extension type.
Cleaned up issues #1, #2, #4 and #6.
Version 4. 2016/03/24 - Added a list of contributers. Fixed resolution
of issue #3 and #4.
Version 3. 2016/03/10 - removed restriction to window surfaces only.
Removed comment on EGL_RENDERABLE_TYPE. Resolved issues 3 and 4. Added
issue 7.
Version 2, 2016/03/09 - querying EGL_CONFIG_ID on a context created
without a config returns zero. Contexts created without a config can
share state with contexts which were created with a config.
Version 1, 2016/01/27 - branch from draft EGL_KHR_no_config specification.