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   for each API version.
 * specs/ - EGL specification documents.
 ## Reserving EGL Enumerant Ranges
 EGL enumerants are documented in api/egl.xml . New ranges can be allocated
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 We may transition to an asciidoc-based extension specification format at
 some point.
+## Build Tools
+This section is not complete (see
+To validate the XML and build the headers you will need at least GNU make,
+'jing' for the 'make validate' step (,
+and Python 3.5 and the lxml.etree Python library
+( for the 'make' step. The 'make tests' step
+requires whatever the C and C++ compilers configured for GNU make are,
+usually gcc and g++.
+All of these components are available prepackaged for major Linux
+distributions and for the Windows 10 Debian WSL.