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<title>Vulkan Memory Allocator: VmaAllocation Struct Reference</title>
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<div class="title">VmaAllocation Struct Reference</div> </div>
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<p>Represents single memory allocation.
<a href="struct_vma_allocation.html#details">More...</a></p>
<p><code>#include &lt;<a class="el" href="vk__mem__alloc_8h_source.html">vk_mem_alloc.h</a>&gt;</code></p>
<a name="details" id="details"></a><h2 class="groupheader">Detailed Description</h2>
<div class="textblock"><p>Represents single memory allocation. </p>
<p>It may be either dedicated block of <code>VkDeviceMemory</code> or a specific region of a bigger block of this type plus unique offset.</p>
<p>There are multiple ways to create such object. You need to fill structure <a class="el" href="struct_vma_allocation_create_info.html">VmaAllocationCreateInfo</a>. For more information see <a class="el" href="choosing_memory_type.html">Choosing memory type</a>.</p>
<p>Although the library provides convenience functions that create Vulkan buffer or image, allocate memory for it and bind them together, binding of the allocation to a buffer or an image is out of scope of the allocation itself. Allocation object can exist without buffer/image bound, binding can be done manually by the user, and destruction of it can be done independently of destruction of the allocation.</p>
<p>The object also remembers its size and some other information. To retrieve this information, use function <a class="el" href="vk__mem__alloc_8h.html#a86dd08aba8633bfa4ad0df2e76481d8b" title="Returns current information about specified allocation and atomically marks it as used in current fra...">vmaGetAllocationInfo()</a> and inspect returned structure <a class="el" href="struct_vma_allocation_info.html" title="Parameters of VmaAllocation objects, that can be retrieved using function vmaGetAllocationInfo().">VmaAllocationInfo</a>.</p>
<p>Some kinds allocations can be in lost state. For more information, see <a class="el" href="lost_allocations.html">Lost allocations</a>. </p>
</div><hr/>The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:<ul>
<li><a class="el" href="vk__mem__alloc_8h_source.html">vk_mem_alloc.h</a></li>
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