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<title>Vulkan Memory Allocator: Record and replay</title>
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<div class="textblock"><h1><a class="anchor" id="record_and_replay_introduction"></a>
<p>While using the library, sequence of calls to its functions together with their parameters can be recorded to a file and later replayed using standalone player application. It can be useful to:</p>
<li>Test correctness - check if same sequence of calls will not cause crash or failures on a target platform.</li>
<li>Gather statistics - see number of allocations, peak memory usage, number of calls etc.</li>
<li>Benchmark performance - see how much time it takes to replay the whole sequence.</li>
<h1><a class="anchor" id="record_and_replay_usage"></a>
<p>Recording functionality is disabled by default. To enable it, define following macro before every include of this library:</p>
<div class="fragment"><div class="line"><span class="preprocessor">#define VMA_RECORDING_ENABLED 1</span></div>
</div><!-- fragment --><p><b>To record sequence of calls to a file:</b> Fill in <a class="el" href="struct_vma_allocator_create_info.html#ace2aa4877b16a42b0b7673d4e26000ee" title="Parameters for recording of VMA calls. Can be null.">VmaAllocatorCreateInfo::pRecordSettings</a> member while creating <a class="el" href="struct_vma_allocator.html" title="Represents main object of this library initialized.">VmaAllocator</a> object. File is opened and written during whole lifetime of the allocator.</p>
<p><b>To replay file:</b> Use VmaReplay - standalone command-line program. Precompiled binary can be found in "bin" directory. Its source can be found in "src/VmaReplay" directory. Its project is generated by Premake. Command line syntax is printed when the program is launched without parameters. Basic usage: </p><pre class="fragment">VmaReplay.exe MyRecording.csv
</pre><p><b>Documentation of file format</b> can be found in file: "docs/Recording file". It's a human-readable, text file in CSV format (Comma Separated Values).</p>
<h1><a class="anchor" id="record_and_replay_additional_considerations"></a>
Additional considerations</h1>
<li>Replaying file that was recorded on a different GPU (with different parameters like <code>bufferImageGranularity</code>, <code>nonCoherentAtomSize</code>, and especially different set of memory heaps and types) may give different performance and memory usage results, as well as issue some warnings and errors.</li>
<li>Current implementation of recording in VMA, as well as VmaReplay application, is coded and tested only on Windows. Inclusion of recording code is driven by <code>VMA_RECORDING_ENABLED</code> macro. Support for other platforms should be easy to add. Contributions are welcomed. </li>
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