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#pragma once
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <array>
#include <memory>
#include <unordered_set>
#include <unordered_map>
#include <map>
#include <regex>
#include "imgui.h"
class TextEditor
enum class PaletteIndex
enum class SelectionMode
struct Breakpoint
int mLine;
bool mEnabled;
std::string mCondition;
: mLine(-1)
, mEnabled(false)
// Represents a character coordinate from the user's point of view,
// i. e. consider an uniform grid (assuming fixed-width font) on the
// screen as it is rendered, and each cell has its own coordinate, starting from 0.
// Tabs are counted as [1..mTabSize] count empty spaces, depending on
// how many space is necessary to reach the next tab stop.
// For example, coordinate (1, 5) represents the character 'B' in a line "\tABC", when mTabSize = 4,
// because it is rendered as " ABC" on the screen.
struct Coordinates
int mLine, mColumn;
Coordinates() : mLine(0), mColumn(0) {}
Coordinates(int aLine, int aColumn) : mLine(aLine), mColumn(aColumn)
assert(aLine >= 0);
assert(aColumn >= 0);
static Coordinates Invalid() { static Coordinates invalid(-1, -1); return invalid; }
bool operator ==(const Coordinates& o) const
mLine == o.mLine &&
mColumn == o.mColumn;
bool operator !=(const Coordinates& o) const
mLine != o.mLine ||
mColumn != o.mColumn;
bool operator <(const Coordinates& o) const
if (mLine != o.mLine)
return mLine < o.mLine;
return mColumn < o.mColumn;
bool operator >(const Coordinates& o) const
if (mLine != o.mLine)
return mLine > o.mLine;
return mColumn > o.mColumn;
bool operator <=(const Coordinates& o) const
if (mLine != o.mLine)
return mLine < o.mLine;
return mColumn <= o.mColumn;
bool operator >=(const Coordinates& o) const
if (mLine != o.mLine)
return mLine > o.mLine;
return mColumn >= o.mColumn;
struct Identifier
Coordinates mLocation;
std::string mDeclaration;
typedef std::string String;
typedef std::unordered_map<std::string, Identifier> Identifiers;
typedef std::unordered_set<std::string> Keywords;
typedef std::map<int, std::string> ErrorMarkers;
typedef std::unordered_set<int> Breakpoints;
typedef std::array<ImU32, (unsigned)PaletteIndex::Max> Palette;
typedef uint8_t Char;
struct Glyph
Char mChar;
PaletteIndex mColorIndex = PaletteIndex::Default;
bool mComment : 1;
bool mMultiLineComment : 1;
bool mPreprocessor : 1;
Glyph(Char aChar, PaletteIndex aColorIndex) : mChar(aChar), mColorIndex(aColorIndex),
mComment(false), mMultiLineComment(false), mPreprocessor(false) {}
typedef std::vector<Glyph> Line;
typedef std::vector<Line> Lines;
struct LanguageDefinition
typedef std::pair<std::string, PaletteIndex> TokenRegexString;
typedef std::vector<TokenRegexString> TokenRegexStrings;
typedef bool(*TokenizeCallback)(const char * in_begin, const char * in_end, const char *& out_begin, const char *& out_end, PaletteIndex & paletteIndex);
std::string mName;
Keywords mKeywords;
Identifiers mIdentifiers;
Identifiers mPreprocIdentifiers;
std::string mCommentStart, mCommentEnd, mSingleLineComment;
char mPreprocChar;
bool mAutoIndentation;
TokenizeCallback mTokenize;
TokenRegexStrings mTokenRegexStrings;
bool mCaseSensitive;
: mPreprocChar('#'), mAutoIndentation(true), mTokenize(nullptr), mCaseSensitive(true)
static const LanguageDefinition& CPlusPlus();
static const LanguageDefinition& HLSL();
static const LanguageDefinition& GLSL();
static const LanguageDefinition& C();
static const LanguageDefinition& SQL();
static const LanguageDefinition& AngelScript();
static const LanguageDefinition& Lua();
void SetLanguageDefinition(const LanguageDefinition& aLanguageDef);
const LanguageDefinition& GetLanguageDefinition() const { return mLanguageDefinition; }
const Palette& GetPalette() const { return mPaletteBase; }
void SetPalette(const Palette& aValue);
void SetErrorMarkers(const ErrorMarkers& aMarkers) { mErrorMarkers = aMarkers; }
void SetBreakpoints(const Breakpoints& aMarkers) { mBreakpoints = aMarkers; }
void Render(const char* aTitle, const ImVec2& aSize = ImVec2(), bool aBorder = false);
void SetText(const std::string& aText);
std::string GetText() const;
void SetTextLines(const std::vector<std::string>& aLines);
std::vector<std::string> GetTextLines() const;
std::string GetSelectedText() const;
std::string GetCurrentLineText()const;
int GetTotalLines() const { return (int)mLines.size(); }
bool IsOverwrite() const { return mOverwrite; }
void SetReadOnly(bool aValue);
bool IsReadOnly() const { return mReadOnly; }
bool IsTextChanged() const { return mTextChanged; }
bool IsCursorPositionChanged() const { return mCursorPositionChanged; }
bool IsColorizerEnabled() const { return mColorizerEnabled; }
void SetColorizerEnable(bool aValue);
Coordinates GetCursorPosition() const { return GetActualCursorCoordinates(); }
void SetCursorPosition(const Coordinates& aPosition);
inline void SetHandleMouseInputs (bool aValue){ mHandleMouseInputs = aValue;}
inline bool IsHandleMouseInputsEnabled() const { return mHandleKeyboardInputs; }
inline void SetHandleKeyboardInputs (bool aValue){ mHandleKeyboardInputs = aValue;}
inline bool IsHandleKeyboardInputsEnabled() const { return mHandleKeyboardInputs; }
inline void SetImGuiChildIgnored (bool aValue){ mIgnoreImGuiChild = aValue;}
inline bool IsImGuiChildIgnored() const { return mIgnoreImGuiChild; }
inline void SetShowWhitespaces(bool aValue) { mShowWhitespaces = aValue; }
inline bool IsShowingWhitespaces() const { return mShowWhitespaces; }
void SetTabSize(int aValue);
inline int GetTabSize() const { return mTabSize; }
void InsertText(const std::string& aValue);
void InsertText(const char* aValue);
void MoveUp(int aAmount = 1, bool aSelect = false);
void MoveDown(int aAmount = 1, bool aSelect = false);
void MoveLeft(int aAmount = 1, bool aSelect = false, bool aWordMode = false);
void MoveRight(int aAmount = 1, bool aSelect = false, bool aWordMode = false);
void MoveTop(bool aSelect = false);
void MoveBottom(bool aSelect = false);
void MoveHome(bool aSelect = false);
void MoveEnd(bool aSelect = false);
void SetSelectionStart(const Coordinates& aPosition);
void SetSelectionEnd(const Coordinates& aPosition);
void SetSelection(const Coordinates& aStart, const Coordinates& aEnd, SelectionMode aMode = SelectionMode::Normal);
void SelectWordUnderCursor();
void SelectAll();
bool HasSelection() const;
void Copy();
void Cut();
void Paste();
void Delete();
bool CanUndo() const;
bool CanRedo() const;
void Undo(int aSteps = 1);
void Redo(int aSteps = 1);
static const Palette& GetDarkPalette();
static const Palette& GetLightPalette();
static const Palette& GetRetroBluePalette();
typedef std::vector<std::pair<std::regex, PaletteIndex>> RegexList;
struct EditorState
Coordinates mSelectionStart;
Coordinates mSelectionEnd;
Coordinates mCursorPosition;
class UndoRecord
UndoRecord() {}
~UndoRecord() {}
const std::string& aAdded,
const TextEditor::Coordinates aAddedStart,
const TextEditor::Coordinates aAddedEnd,
const std::string& aRemoved,
const TextEditor::Coordinates aRemovedStart,
const TextEditor::Coordinates aRemovedEnd,
TextEditor::EditorState& aBefore,
TextEditor::EditorState& aAfter);
void Undo(TextEditor* aEditor);
void Redo(TextEditor* aEditor);
std::string mAdded;
Coordinates mAddedStart;
Coordinates mAddedEnd;
std::string mRemoved;
Coordinates mRemovedStart;
Coordinates mRemovedEnd;
EditorState mBefore;
EditorState mAfter;
typedef std::vector<UndoRecord> UndoBuffer;
void ProcessInputs();
void Colorize(int aFromLine = 0, int aCount = -1);
void ColorizeRange(int aFromLine = 0, int aToLine = 0);
void ColorizeInternal();
float TextDistanceToLineStart(const Coordinates& aFrom) const;
void EnsureCursorVisible();
int GetPageSize() const;
std::string GetText(const Coordinates& aStart, const Coordinates& aEnd) const;
Coordinates GetActualCursorCoordinates() const;
Coordinates SanitizeCoordinates(const Coordinates& aValue) const;
void Advance(Coordinates& aCoordinates) const;
void DeleteRange(const Coordinates& aStart, const Coordinates& aEnd);
int InsertTextAt(Coordinates& aWhere, const char* aValue);
void AddUndo(UndoRecord& aValue);
Coordinates ScreenPosToCoordinates(const ImVec2& aPosition) const;
Coordinates FindWordStart(const Coordinates& aFrom) const;
Coordinates FindWordEnd(const Coordinates& aFrom) const;
Coordinates FindNextWord(const Coordinates& aFrom) const;
int GetCharacterIndex(const Coordinates& aCoordinates) const;
int GetCharacterColumn(int aLine, int aIndex) const;
int GetLineCharacterCount(int aLine) const;
int GetLineMaxColumn(int aLine) const;
bool IsOnWordBoundary(const Coordinates& aAt) const;
void RemoveLine(int aStart, int aEnd);
void RemoveLine(int aIndex);
Line& InsertLine(int aIndex);
void EnterCharacter(ImWchar aChar, bool aShift);
void Backspace();
void DeleteSelection();
std::string GetWordUnderCursor() const;
std::string GetWordAt(const Coordinates& aCoords) const;
ImU32 GetGlyphColor(const Glyph& aGlyph) const;
void HandleKeyboardInputs();
void HandleMouseInputs();
void Render();
float mLineSpacing;
Lines mLines;
EditorState mState;
UndoBuffer mUndoBuffer;
int mUndoIndex;
int mTabSize;
bool mOverwrite;
bool mReadOnly;
bool mWithinRender;
bool mScrollToCursor;
bool mScrollToTop;
bool mTextChanged;
bool mColorizerEnabled;
float mTextStart; // position (in pixels) where a code line starts relative to the left of the TextEditor.
int mLeftMargin;
bool mCursorPositionChanged;
int mColorRangeMin, mColorRangeMax;
SelectionMode mSelectionMode;
bool mHandleKeyboardInputs;
bool mHandleMouseInputs;
bool mIgnoreImGuiChild;
bool mShowWhitespaces;
Palette mPaletteBase;
Palette mPalette;
LanguageDefinition mLanguageDefinition;
RegexList mRegexList;
bool mCheckComments;
Breakpoints mBreakpoints;
ErrorMarkers mErrorMarkers;
ImVec2 mCharAdvance;
Coordinates mInteractiveStart, mInteractiveEnd;
std::string mLineBuffer;
uint64_t mStartTime;
float mLastClick;