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package periodic
import (
func TestPeriodic(t *testing.T) {
ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(context.Background())
defer cancel()
// Test validation.
assert.EqualError(t, Trigger(ctx, "bogus", uuid.New().String(), nil), "Invalid trigger name \"bogus\"")
assert.EqualError(t, Trigger(ctx, TRIGGER_NIGHTLY, "", nil), "Invalid trigger ID \"\"")
subName := fmt.Sprintf("periodic-test-%s", uuid.New())
expectCh := make(chan string)
rvCh := make(chan bool)
assert.NoError(t, Listen(ctx, subName, nil, func(_ context.Context, trigger, id string) bool {
expectTrigger := <-expectCh
expectId := <-expectCh
assert.Equal(t, expectTrigger, trigger)
assert.Equal(t, expectId, id)
return <-rvCh
check := func(trigger, id string, rv bool) {
expectCh <- trigger
expectCh <- id
rvCh <- rv
triggerAndCheck := func(trigger, id string, rv bool) {
assert.NoError(t, Trigger(ctx, trigger, id, nil))
check(trigger, id, rv)
// Normal operation; a single pubsub round trip.
triggerAndCheck(TRIGGER_NIGHTLY, uuid.New().String(), true)
// Initial handling fails, the message will be delivered again.
id := uuid.New().String()
triggerAndCheck(TRIGGER_NIGHTLY, id, false)
check(TRIGGER_NIGHTLY, id, true)