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# Do all the things to set up a Skolo bot. See win-02-hosts for an example command.
# Enable auto-login.
- import_playbook: skolo-settings.yml
# Disable things that make installing software slow.
- import_playbook: swarming-bot-settings.yml
# Install the VNC server to make debugging later steps easier.
- import_playbook: vnc-server.yml
# Install the SSH server to make debugging even easier.
- import_playbook: ssh.yml
# Install Python before drivers so we can detect hardware using PyWin32. (We don't do this now, but
# hopefully we will in the future.)
- import_playbook: python.yml
# For eGPUs, install TB3 drivers first.
- import_playbook: egpu-lenovo-drivers.yml
# Install graphics drivers.
- import_playbook: intel-graphics-driver-broadwell.yml
- import_playbook: intel-graphics-driver-skylake.yml
- import_playbook: nvidia-graphics-driver.yml
- import_playbook: radeon-graphics-driver.yml
# Prep for Swarming.
- import_playbook: skolo-credentials.yml
# Start Swarming. Must be last, since the bot will start running tasks after this.
- import_playbook: bootstrap-swarming.yml