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# Install Radeon Graphics Driver; applies only to group "radeon".
- hosts: radeon
- name: Create Temp
path: c:\Temp
state: directory
# This zip was created by opening the self-extracting exe using Archive Manager on Debian and
# re-zipping the extracted files as a ZIP archive ("Save As").
- name: Copy the Radeon driver ZIP to the host
src: "{{ win_package_src }}/\
Radeon Graphics"
dest: c:\Temp\
- name: Extract the Radeon driver ZIP
src: c:\Temp\
dest: C:\Temp\Radeon
delete_archive: yes
- name: Install Radeon Graphics Driver
# Silent install args based on info displayed for "Setup.exe /?".
# TODO(dogben): The graphics driver seems to install OK, but there are errors for other
# components. Need to investigate more.
win_command: C:\Temp\Radeon\Setup.exe -INSTALL
- name: Cleanup
path: c:\Temp\Radeon
state: absent