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# Install NVIDIA Graphics Driver; applies only to group "nvidia".
- hosts: nvidia
- name: Create Temp
path: c:\Temp
state: directory
# The NVIDIA driver Uses the same product_id for multiple versions, so win_package doesn't work.
- name: Copy the NVIDIA driver EXE to the host
src: "{{ win_package_src }}/NVIDIA Graphics 441.20-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql-rp.exe"
dest: c:\Temp\nvidia_gfx.exe
- name: Install NVIDIA Graphics Driver
# -s means silently install (discovered by guess-and-check).
# Note that in previous versions this would only extract the driver; see git history if this
# behavior reverts.
win_command: c:\Temp\nvidia_gfx.exe -s
register: setup_result
ignore_errors: True
- when: setup_result is failed
# Sometimes the NVIDIA installer returns a non-zero exit code for unknown reason. Sometimes it
# reboots the machine (even when we use the -noreboot option mentioned here:
# In the case of a non-zero exit code, usually rebooting and retrying allows the installer to
# succeed.
- name: Reboot host after NVIDIA Graphics Driver failed
# If the installer rebooted the machine, this will fail because Ansible isn't able to
# connect.
ignore_errors: True
# If the NVIDIA installer rebooted the machine, we need to wait for it to come back before
# continuing.
- name: Wait for connection after NVIDIA Graphics Driver failed
# Only wait for 3 minutes before failing. (Default is 10 min.)
timeout: 180
- name: Retry install NVIDIA Graphics Driver
win_command: c:\Temp\nvidia_gfx.exe -s
- name: Cleanup NVIDIA
path: c:\NVIDIA
state: absent
- name: Cleanup EXE
path: c:\Temp\nvidia_gfx.exe
state: absent