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set -e
# Port-forwards the Prometheus server on the given rack to the desktop and
# launches a browser.
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
echo "$0 <rackN>"
exit 1
# Capture the command-line arguement.
# Pick a random port to avoid conflicts.
PORT=$(shuf -i 10000-11000 -n 1)
# Set up an exit trap to shut down the ssh port forward.
function finish {
ssh -S /tmp/skolo-prometheus-tunnel-$PORT -O exit $JUMPHOST
trap finish EXIT
# Start ssh port forward.
ssh -N -L $PORT:localhost:8000 $JUMPHOST -S /tmp/skolo-prometheus-tunnel-$PORT &
# Wait for ssh port forward to come up.
until nc -z localhost $PORT
sleep 1
echo "Waiting for port-forward to come up."
# Launch the browser to load Prometheus.
google-chrome http://localhost:$PORT
# Wait to exit.
read -r -p "Press enter when you are done." key