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include ../../make/
# If you need to set up authorized_hosts on machines that don't already have an
# authorized_hosts and only password access you should pass the following flags
# to ansible-playbook:
# -f 1 --ask-become-pass --ask-pass
# You will need the "-f 1" because ssh over ${SSH_WRAP} with passwords seems to
# fail with a higher number of parallel forks.
${SSH_WRAP} ansible-playbook ./switchboard/install_test_machine_monitor.yml --limit skia-e-linux-207 --ask-pass
${SSH_WRAP} ansible-playbook ./switchboard/update-authorized-keys.yml --limit rpis
# Ignore "[E701] No 'galaxy_info' found" linter warnings."
# Ignore "[E301] Commands should not change things if nothing needs doing"
# 301 is ignored on playbook validation because there are known
# cases where we need to do that.
# Validate playbooks.
ansible-lint -x 701,301 -p switchboard/*.yml
# Validate roles.
ansible-lint -x 701 -p switchboard/roles/
$(BAZEL) run --config=mayberemote --run_under="cd $$PWD &&" //skolo/go/update_ssh_gce_config -- ssh.cfg