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package types
import (
// ThrottlerManager is used to manage the rate of commits.
type ThrottlerManager interface {
// Throttle looks at the specified commit time and determines if the
// commit should be blocked because it violates the throttler config.
// Eg:
// If the throttler config has MaxBurst=2 and BurstDelaySecs=120
// That means that 2 commits are allowed every 2 mins. Throttle
// will return true if a 3rd commit comes in within that 2 min
// window. Once the window slides Throttle will return false for
// the next commit.
Throttle(repoBranch string, commitTime time.Time) bool
// UpdateThrottler adds the specified commit to the throttler cache.
UpdateThrottler(repoBranch string, commitTime time.Time, throttlerCfg *config.ThrottlerCfg)
// Verifier is the interface implemented by all verifiers.
type Verifier interface {
// Name of the verifier.
Name() string
// Verify runs the verifier and returns a VerifierState with a string
// explaining why it is in that state.
Verify(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, startTime int64) (state VerifierState, reason string, err error)
// Cleanup runs any cleanup tasks that the verifier needs to execute
// when a change is removed from the CQ. Does not return an error
// but all errors will be logged.
Cleanup(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, cleanupPatchsetID int64)
// VerifiersManager helps callers find verifiers and then run them. Useful for
// mocking out functions for testing.
type VerifiersManager interface {
// GetVerifiers returns all verifiers that need to be run on the specified
// change. Returns a slice of verifiers and a slice of all changes that
// will be submitted together with this change.
GetVerifiers(ctx context.Context, cfg *config.SkCQCfg, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, isSubmittedTogetherChange bool, configReader config.ConfigReader) (verifiers []Verifier, togetherChanges []string, err error)
// RunVerifiers runs all the specified verifiers and returns their statuses.
// Does not return an error because errors during verification of individual
// verifiers are assumed to be transient and are logged and
// VerifierWaitingState is returned for that particular verifier.
// TODO(rmistry): Should we instead record and limit the number of
// consecutive errors allowed for a verifier and return an error if that
// limit is exceeded?
RunVerifiers(ctx context.Context, ci *gerrit.ChangeInfo, verifiers []Verifier, startTime int64) []*VerifierStatus
// CurrentlyProcessingChange is the description of an entry that is currently
// being processed by SkCQ.
type CurrentlyProcessingChange struct {
ChangeID int64 `json:"change_id"`
LatestPatchsetID int64 `json:"latest_patchset_id"`
Repo string `json:"repo"`
Branch string `json:"branch"`
ChangeSubject string `json:"change_subject"`
ChangeOwner string `json:"change_owner"`
DryRun bool `json:"dry_run"`
// The time the CQ first looked at this change.
// Uses unix epoch time.
StartTs int64 `json:"start_ts"`
// Whether this change is from an internal repo.
Internal bool `json:"internal"`
// GetCurrentChangesRequest is the request used by the get_current_changes
// endpoint.
type GetCurrentChangesRequest struct {
IsDryRun bool `json:"is_dry_run"`
// GetCurrentChangesRequest is the response used by the get_current_changes
// endpoint.
type GetCurrentChangesResponse struct {
Changes []*CurrentlyProcessingChange `json:"changes"`
// GetChangeAttemptsRequest is the request used by the get_change_attempts
// endpoint.
type GetChangeAttemptsRequest struct {
ChangeID int64 `json:"change_id"`
PatchsetID int64 `json:"patchset_id"`
// GetChangeAttemptsRequest is the response used by the get_change_attempts
// endpoint.
type GetChangeAttemptsResponse struct {
ChangeAttempts *ChangeAttempts `json:"change_attempts"`
// ChangeAttempts contains a slice of ChangeAttempt(s).
type ChangeAttempts struct {
Attempts []*ChangeAttempt `json:"attempts"`
// ChangeAttempt describes each attempt by the CQ on a change+patchset.
type ChangeAttempt struct {
ChangeID int64 `json:"change_id"`
PatchsetID int64 `json:"patchset_id"`
DryRun bool `json:"dry_run"`
Repo string `json:"repo"`
Branch string `json:"branch"`
// The time the CQ first started looking at this attempt.
PatchStartTs int64 `json:"start_ts"`
// When the CQ stopped processing this attempt. If the attempt is still
// being processed then this value will be 0.
PatchStopTs int64 `json:"stop_ts"`
// When the CQ committed this attempt. If the attempt is not committed yet
// then this value will be 0.
PatchCommittedTs int64 `json:"committed_ts"`
// Whether this attempt was abandoned. Attempts are abandoned when new code
// change patchsets are uploaded even though the previous patchset was
// still running in the CQ.
CQAbandoned bool `json:"cq_abandoned"`
// The list of changes that will be submitted at the same time as this
// change.
SubmittableChanges []string `json:"submittable_changes"`
// The current statuses of the verifiers that apply to this attempt.
VerifiersStatuses []*VerifierStatus `json:"verifiers_statuses"`
// The overall state of this attempt. This value is directly computed from
// the value of VerifiersStatuses. If all VerifierStatuses are successful
// then this state will be VerifierSuccessState. If atleast one VerifierStatus
// is failure then this state will be VerifierFailureState. If atleast one
// VerifierStatus is waiting then this state will be VerifierWaitingState.
OverallState VerifierState `json:"overall_status"`
// VerifierState describes the state of the verifier.
type VerifierState string
const VerifierSuccessState VerifierState = "SUCCESSFUL"
const VerifierWaitingState VerifierState = "WAITING"
const VerifierFailureState VerifierState = "FAILURE"
const VerifierAbortedState VerifierState = "ABORTED"
var AllVerifierStates = []VerifierState{
// VerifierStates contains the status of the verify. Includes the name,
// timestamps and the state.
type VerifierStatus struct {
// The name of the verifier. Eg: TreeStatusVerifier.
Name string `json:"name"`
// When the CQ started this verifier.
StartTs int64 `json:"start_ts"`
// When the CQ stopped this verifier. Will be 0 if the verifier is still
// running.
StopTs int64 `json:"stop_ts"`
// The current state of the verifier.
State VerifierState `json:"state"`
// An explanation of why the verifier is in this state.
Reason string `json:"reason"`