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"""This module provides a wrapper around the sass_library rule from the rules_sass repository."""
load("@io_bazel_rules_sass//:defs.bzl", _sass_library = "sass_library")
def sass_library(name, deps = [], visibility = None, **kwargs):
"""Wraps rules_sass's sass_library rule with extra logic to handle NPM dependencies.
This macro scans the deps argument for any dependencies from NPM packages, groups any such deps
as a separate sass_library, and adds this library as a dependency of the main target. This
prevents errors such as:
in deps attribute of sass_library rule //path/to:my-sass-library: source file
'@npm//:node_modules/some-npm-package/foo.scss' is misplaced here (expected no files)
name: The name of the target.
deps: Any sass_library dependencies. This can include .css or .scss files from NPM
modules, e.g. "npm//:node_modules/some-module/hello.scss".
visibility: Visibility of the generated sass_library targets.
**kwargs: Any other arguments to pass to the sass_library rule.
# If there are any NPM Sass deps, group them as a separate sass_library and add it to
# the deps argument.
npm_deps = [dep for dep in deps if dep.startswith("@npm")]
deps = [dep for dep in deps if dep not in npm_deps]
if npm_deps != []:
name = name + "_npm_deps",
srcs = npm_deps,
visibility = visibility,
deps.append(name + "_npm_deps")
name = name,
deps = deps,
visibility = visibility,