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package cockroachdb_instance
import (
// Require starts or verifies that a long-living instance of CockroachDB is running.
// When running locally, the test case will fail if the corresponding environment variable is unset.
// When running under RBE, the first invocation of this function will start the emulator and set the
// appropriate environment variable, and any subsequent calls will reuse the emulator instance.
func Require(t sktest.TestingT) {
emulators.RequireEmulator(t, emulators.CockroachDB, StartCockroachDBIfNotRunning)
var (
isRunning bool
isRunningMutex sync.Mutex
// StartCockroachDBIfNotRunning returns true if it successfully started CockroachDB, false (and
// maybe an error) if it did not (possibly because it was already running).
func StartCockroachDBIfNotRunning() (bool, error) {
defer isRunningMutex.Unlock()
if isRunning {
return false, nil
cockroachExe, err := cockroachdb.FindCockroach()
if err != nil {
return false, skerr.Wrapf(err, "finding Bazel-downloaded cockroach command")
// Read the CockroachDB storage directory from an environment variable, or create a temp dir.
cockroachDBStoreDir := os.Getenv("COCKROACHDB_EMULATOR_STORE_DIR")
if cockroachDBStoreDir == "" {
cockroachDBStoreDir, err = os.MkdirTemp("", "crdb-emulator-*")
if err != nil {
return false, skerr.Wrapf(err, "setting up temp directory")
// We intentionally do not take a context parameter because we want this instance to
// outlive this test invocation (and be re-used by future tests).
cmd := exec.CommandContext(context.Background(), cockroachExe,
"start-single-node", "--insecure",
fmt.Sprintf("--listen-addr=localhost:%d", emulators.CockroachDBPort),
"--http-addr=0", // Web UI not needed for tests
if err := emulators.StartForRBE(cmd); err != nil {
return false, skerr.Wrap(err)
isRunning = true
return true, nil