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package download_skia
import (
assert ""
var ctx = mock.AnythingOfType("*context.emptyCtx")
var callback = mock.AnythingOfType("func(*storage.ObjectAttrs)")
func TestRevisionHelper(t *testing.T) {
// Tests that we are not dependent on the order the files in the pending or current
// version, especially when there are working_ tracker files.
m := tests.NewMockGCSClient()
defer m.AssertExpectations(t)
expected_rev := "2c65d5161260f3d45a63dcd92229bd09c8a12d53"
expected_ts := time.Date(2017, time.March, 11, 15, 45, 0, 0, time.UTC)
m.On("AllFilesInDirectory", ctx, "skia_version/pending/", callback).Run(func(args mock.Arguments) {
callbackFn := args.Get(2).(func(*storage.ObjectAttrs))
// Pretend there are still three files, that is, there are still two backends working and the hash
callbackFn(&storage.ObjectAttrs{Name: "skia_version/pending/working_skia-fuzzer-be-2"})
callbackFn(&storage.ObjectAttrs{Name: "skia_version/pending/" + expected_rev, Updated: expected_ts})
callbackFn(&storage.ObjectAttrs{Name: "skia_version/pending/working_skia-fuzzer-be-1"})
// The folder is sometimes returned as an item
callbackFn(&storage.ObjectAttrs{Name: "skia_version/pending/"})
revision, ts, err := revisionHelper(m, "skia_version/pending/")
assert.NoError(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, expected_rev, revision)
assert.Equal(t, expected_ts, ts)