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package types
import "time"
const (
OpenState = "open"
CautionState = "caution"
ClosedState = "closed"
// AutorollerSnapshot - contains the current state of an autoroller with
// it's display name (eg: "Chrome") and URL (eg: "").
type AutorollerSnapshot struct {
DisplayName string `json:"name"`
NumFailed int `json:"num_failed"`
Url string `json:"url"`
// Status - A Tree status.
type Status struct {
Date time.Time `json:"date" datastore:"date"`
Message string `json:"message" datastore:"message"`
Rollers string `json:"rollers" datastore:"rollers"`
Username string `json:"username" datastore:"username"`
// Only specified for backwards compatibility.
FirstRev int `json:"first_rev,omitempty" datastore:"first_rev"`
LastRev int `json:"last_rev,omitempty" datastore:"last_rev"`
// Should be one of open/closed/caution.
GeneralState string `json:"general_state" datastore:"general_state,omitempty"`