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package main
import (
netpprof "net/http/pprof"
gstorage ""
type diffServerConfig struct {
// Approximate cachesize used to cache images and diff metrics in GiB. This is just a way to
// limit caching.
CacheSizeGB int `json:"cache_size_gb"`
// The GCS prefix (directory) that holds the images that have been uploaded to Gold.
GCSImageDir string `json:"gcs_image_dir"`
// The port on which to run the GRPC service. The skiacorrectness binary will connect to this
// server over this port, for example.
GRPCPort string `json:"grpc_port"`
// Address that serves image files via HTTP.
ImagePort string `json:"image_port"`
// Metrics service address (e.g., ':10110')
PromPort string `json:"prom_port"`
const (
imgURLPrefix = "/img/"
func main() {
// Command line flags.
var (
commonInstanceConfig = flag.String("common_instance_config", "", "Path to the json5 file containing the configuration that needs to be the same across all services for a given instance.")
thisConfig = flag.String("config", "", "Path to the json5 file containing the configuration specific to diff server.")
hang = flag.Bool("hang", false, "Stop and do nothing after reading the flags. Good for debugging containers.")
// Parse the flags, so we can load the configuration files.
if *hang {
select {}
var dsc diffServerConfig
if err := config.LoadFromJSON5(&dsc, commonInstanceConfig, thisConfig); err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Reading config: %s", err)
sklog.Infof("Loaded config %#v", dsc)
// Set up the options.
opts := []common.Opt{
common.PrometheusOpt(&dsc.PromPort), // Enable Prometheus logging.
_, appName := filepath.Split(os.Args[0])
common.InitWithMust(appName, opts...)
// Start the internal server on the internal port if requested.
if dsc.DebugPort != "" {
// Add the profiling endpoints to the internal router.
internalRouter := mux.NewRouter()
// Register pprof handlers
internalRouter.HandleFunc("/debug/pprof/", netpprof.Index)
internalRouter.HandleFunc("/debug/pprof/symbol", netpprof.Symbol)
internalRouter.HandleFunc("/debug/pprof/profile", netpprof.Profile)
internalRouter.HandleFunc("/debug/pprof/{profile}", netpprof.Index)
go func() {
sklog.Infof("Internal server on" + dsc.DebugPort)
sklog.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(dsc.DebugPort, internalRouter))
// Get the client to be used to access GCS.
ts, err := auth.NewDefaultTokenSource(dsc.Local, gstorage.CloudPlatformScope, "")
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Failed to authenticate service account: %s", err)
client := httputils.DefaultClientConfig().WithTokenSource(ts).With2xxOnly().Client()
// Build the storage.Client client and wrap it around a gcs.GCSClient.
storageClient, err := storage.NewClient(context.Background(), option.WithHTTPClient(client))
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Could not create storage client: %s.", err)
gcsClient := gcsclient.New(storageClient, dsc.GCSBucket)
// Auth note: the underlying firestore.NewClient looks at the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS env
// variable, so we don't need to supply a token source.
fsClient, err := firestore.NewClient(context.Background(), dsc.FirestoreProjectID, "gold", dsc.FirestoreNamespace, nil)
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Unable to configure Firestore: %s", err)
// Build metrics store.
mStore := fs_metricsstore.New(fsClient)
memDiffStore, err := diffstore.NewMemDiffStore(gcsClient, dsc.GCSImageDir, dsc.CacheSizeGB, mStore)
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Allocating DiffStore failed: %s", err)
// Create the server side instance of the DiffService.
serverImpl := diffstore.NewDiffServiceServer(memDiffStore)
grpcServer := grpc.NewServer(
diffstore.RegisterDiffServiceServer(grpcServer, serverImpl)
// Set up the resource to serve the image files.
imgHandler, err := memDiffStore.ImageHandler(imgURLPrefix)
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Unable to get image handler: %s", err)
http.Handle(imgURLPrefix, imgHandler)
http.HandleFunc("/healthz", httputils.ReadyHandleFunc)
// Start the HTTP server.
go func() {
sklog.Info("Serving on" + dsc.ImagePort)
sklog.Fatal(http.ListenAndServe(dsc.ImagePort, nil))
// Start the rRPC server.
lis, err := net.Listen("tcp", dsc.GRPCPort)
if err != nil {
sklog.Fatalf("Error creating gRPC listener: %s", err)
sklog.Infof("Serving gRPC service on port %s", dsc.GRPCPort)
sklog.Fatalf("Failure while serving gRPC service: %s", grpcServer.Serve(lis))