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// An entry of the command histogram obtained by totalling up
// occurrences in the range filtered command list
export interface HistogramEntry {
// name of a command (original CamelCase)
name: string,
// number of occurrences in the current frame (or the whole file for a single-frame SKP)
countInFrame: number,
// number of occurrences in the current range filter
countInRange: number,
// An event signaling the histogram-sk element should update itself
export const HistogramUpdateEvent = 'histogram-update';
export interface HistogramUpdateEventDetail {
// A newly computed histogram that needs to be displayed by histogram-sk
hist?: HistogramEntry[];
// Whether the command is include by the filter
included?: Set<string>;
// An event to trigger the inspector for a given layer update.
// A layer update is fully specified by the node id and a frame on which an
// update to it occurred.
export const InspectLayerEvent = 'inspect-layer';
export const JumpInspectLayerEvent = 'jump-inspect-layer';
export interface InspectLayerEventDetail {
id: number;
frame: number;
// Event issued when the user wants to jump to a command, specifying the unfiltered index
// in the detail.
export const JumpCommandEvent = 'jump-command';
export interface JumpCommandEventDetail {
unfilteredIndex: number;
export type PlayMode = 'play' | 'pause';
export const ModeChangedManuallyEvent = 'mode-changed-manually';
export interface ModeChangedManuallyEventDetail {
readonly mode: PlayMode;
export const MoveCommandPositionEvent = 'move-command-position';
export interface MoveCommandPositionEventDetail {
// the index of a command in the frame to which the wasm view should move.
position: number,
// true if we're currently paused
paused: boolean,
export type Point = [number, number];
export const MoveCursorEvent = 'move-cursor';
export const RenderCursorEvent = 'render-cursor';
// This event detail is used for both move-cursor and render-cursor
export interface CursorEventDetail {
// the position of the cursor.
position: Point,
// If true, indicates only the data under the cursor has changed.
// since some consumers don't need to update in this case.
onlyData: boolean,
export const MoveFrameEvent = 'move-frame';
export interface MoveFrameEventDetail {
frame: number,
export const MoveToEvent = 'moveto';
export interface MoveToEventDetail {
readonly item: number
export const NextItemEvent = 'next-item';
export interface NextItemEventDetail {
item: number;
// Event issued when the user clicks on an 'Image', indicating to jump to the image with the
// id in the detail.
export const SelectImageEvent = 'select-image';
export interface SelectImageEventDetail {
id: number;
export type BackgroundStyle = 'dark-checkerboard' | 'light-checkerboard';
export const ToggleBackgroundEvent = 'light-dark';
export interface ToggleBackgroundEventDetail {
mode: BackgroundStyle;
export const ToggleCommandInclusionEvent = 'toggle-command-inclusion';
export interface ToggleCommandInclusionEventDetail {
// the name of a command to toggle in the filter
// Clicking rows of the histogram is an alternate way to add or remove command names
// from the command filter. The filter is managed by commands-sk
name: string,