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package status
import (
// Cache stores the most recent AutoRollStatus.
type Cache struct {
mtx sync.RWMutex
roller string
status *AutoRollStatus
// NewCache returns an Cache instance.
func NewCache(ctx context.Context, db DB, rollerName string) (*Cache, error) {
c := &Cache{
DB: db,
roller: rollerName,
if err := c.Update(ctx); err != nil {
return nil, err
return c, nil
// Get returns the AutoRollStatus as of the last call to Update().
func (c *Cache) Get() *AutoRollStatus {
defer c.mtx.RUnlock()
return c.status.Copy()
// GetMini returns the AutoRollMiniStatus as of the last call to Update().
func (c *Cache) GetMini() *AutoRollMiniStatus {
return &c.Get().AutoRollMiniStatus
// Update updates the cached status information.
func (c *Cache) Update(ctx context.Context) error {
status, err := c.DB.Get(ctx, c.roller)
if err == datastore.ErrNoSuchEntity || status == nil {
// This will occur the first time the roller starts,
// before it sets the status for the first time. Ignore.
sklog.Warningf("Unable to find AutoRollStatus for %s. Is this the first startup for this roller?", c.roller)
status = &AutoRollStatus{}
} else if err != nil {
return err
defer c.mtx.Unlock()
c.status = status
return nil