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package revision
import (
var (
testsRe = regexp.MustCompile("(?m)^Test: *(.*) *$")
// Revision is a struct containing information about a given revision.
type Revision struct {
// Id is the full ID of this Revision, eg. a full commit hash. This is
// the only required field.
Id string `json:"id"`
// Author is a string indicating the author of this Revision.
Author string `json:"author"`
// ExternalChangeId is the external change ID that, if specified, is included
// as part of the roll. The ID is defined by the repo_manager.
// Eg: CL num for Chromium, PR num for Github, Topic name for Android.
ExternalChangeId string `json:"external_change_id"`
// Bugs are the IDs of any bugs referenced by this Revision, keyed by
// project ID (defined in whatever way makes sense to the user).
Bugs map[string][]string `json:"bugs"`
// Dependencies are revision IDs of dependencies of this Revision, keyed
// by dependency ID (defined in whatever way makes sense to the user).
Dependencies map[string]string `json:"dependencies"`
// Description is a brief, human-friendly description of the Revision,
// eg. a commit title line.
Description string `json:"description"`
// Details contains a full description of the Revision, eg. a git commit
// body.
Details string `json:"details"`
// Display is a string used for human-friendly display of the Revision,
// eg. a shortened commit hash.
Display string `json:"display"`
// InvalidReason indicates we should not roll to this Revision and why,
// if it is non-empty. Note that rolls may still *include* this
// Revision, eg. if this is a git commit and we roll to a descendant of
// it.
InvalidReason string `json:"invalidReason"`
// Tests are any tests which should be run on rolls including this
// Revision.
Tests []string `json:"tests"`
// Timestamp is the time at which the Revision was created.
Timestamp time.Time `json:"time"`
// URL used by a human to view the Revision.
URL string `json:"url"`
// Copy the Revision.
func (r *Revision) Copy() *Revision {
var bugs map[string][]string
if r.Bugs != nil {
bugs = make(map[string][]string, len(r.Bugs))
for k, v := range r.Bugs {
bugs[k] = util.CopyStringSlice(v)
return &Revision{
Id: r.Id,
ExternalChangeId: r.ExternalChangeId,
Author: r.Author,
Bugs: bugs,
Description: r.Description,
Details: r.Details,
Display: r.Display,
Dependencies: util.CopyStringMap(r.Dependencies),
InvalidReason: r.InvalidReason,
Tests: util.CopyStringSlice(r.Tests),
Timestamp: r.Timestamp,
// Implement the Stringer interface for prettier printing.
func (r *Revision) String() string {
if r.Display != "" {
return r.Display
return r.Id
// FromLongCommit converts a vcsinfo.LongCommit to a Revision. If revLinkTmpl is
// not provided, the Revision will have no URL.
func FromLongCommit(revLinkTmpl string, c *vcsinfo.LongCommit) *Revision {
revLink := ""
if revLinkTmpl != "" {
revLink = fmt.Sprintf(revLinkTmpl, c.Hash)
author := c.Author
authorSplit := strings.Split(c.Author, "(")
if len(authorSplit) > 1 {
author = strings.TrimRight(strings.TrimSpace(authorSplit[1]), ")")
return &Revision{
Id: c.Hash,
Author: author,
Bugs: util.BugsFromCommitMsg(c.Body),
Description: c.Subject,
Details: c.Body,
Display: c.Hash[:12],
Tests: parseTests(c.Body),
Timestamp: c.Timestamp,
URL: revLink,
// FromLongCommits converts a slice of vcsinfo.LongCommits to a slice of
// Revisions. If revLinkTmpl is not provided, the Revisions will have no URL.
func FromLongCommits(revLinkTmpl string, commits []*vcsinfo.LongCommit) []*Revision {
rv := make([]*Revision, 0, len(commits))
for _, c := range commits {
rv = append(rv, FromLongCommit(revLinkTmpl, c))
return rv
// parseTests parses tests from the Revision details.
func parseTests(details string) []string {
var tests []string
for _, match := range testsRe.FindAllString(details, -1) {
tests = append(tests, match)
return tests