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package notifier
import (
const (
// Types of notification message sent by the roller. These can be
// selected via notifier.Config.IncludeMsgTypes.
MSG_TYPE_ISSUE_UPDATE = "issue update"
MSG_TYPE_LAST_N_FAILED = "last n failed"
MSG_TYPE_MODE_CHANGE = "mode change"
MSG_TYPE_NEW_FAILURE = "new failure"
MSG_TYPE_NEW_SUCCESS = "new success"
MSG_TYPE_ROLL_CREATION_FAILED = "cl creation failed"
MSG_TYPE_SAFETY_THROTTLE = "safety throttle"
MSG_TYPE_STRATEGY_CHANGE = "strategy change"
MSG_TYPE_SUCCESS_THROTTLE = "success throttle"
MSG_TYPE_TOO_MANY_CLS = "too many CLs"
// Templates for messages sent by the roller.
subjectIssueUpdate = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} AutoRoller has uploaded issue {{.IssueID}}"
bodyModeChange = "{{.User}} changed the mode to \"{{.Mode}}\" with message: {{.Message}}"
subjectModeChange = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} AutoRoller mode was changed"
subjectNewFailure = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} roll has failed (issue {{.IssueID}})"
bodyNewFailure = "The most recent roll attempt failed, while the previous attempt succeeded: {{.IssueURL}}"
subjectNewSuccess = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} roll is successful again (issue {{.IssueID}})"
bodyNewSuccess = "The most recent roll attempt succeeded, while the previous attempt failed: {{.IssueURL}}"
subjectLastNFailed = "The last {{.N}} {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} rolls have failed"
bodyLastNFailed = "The roll is failing consistently. Time to investigate. The most recent roll attempt is here: {{.IssueURL}}"
bodyRollCreationFailed = "The roller failed to create a CL with:\n{{.Message}}"
subjectRollCreationFailed = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} AutoRoller failed to create a CL"
bodyStrategyChange = "{{.User}} changed the next-roll-revision strategy to \"{{.Strategy}}\" with message: {{.Message}}"
subjectStrategyChange = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} AutoRoller next-roll-revision strategy was changed"
subjectThrottled = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} AutoRoller is throttled"
bodySafetyThrottled = "The roller is throttled because it attempted to upload too many CLs in too short a time. The roller will unthrottle at {{.ThrottledUntil}}."
bodySuccessThrottled = "The roller is throttled because it is configured not to land too many rolls within a time period. The roller will unthrottle at {{.ThrottledUntil}}."
subjectTooManyCLs = "The {{.ChildName}} into {{.ParentName}} has uploaded too many CLs to the same revision"
bodyTooManyCLs = "The roller has uploaded {{.N}} CLs to roll to revision {{.Revision}}. It will not upload any more CLs until a new revision is available to roll."
footer = "\n\nThe AutoRoll server is located here: {{.ServerURL}}"
var (
subjectTmplIssueUpdate = template.Must(template.New("subjectIssueUpdate").Parse(subjectIssueUpdate))
subjectTmplModeChange = template.Must(template.New("subjectModeChange").Parse(subjectModeChange))
bodyTmplModeChange = template.Must(template.New("bodyModeChange").Parse(bodyModeChange))
subjectTmplNewFailure = template.Must(template.New("subjectNewFailure").Parse(subjectNewFailure))
bodyTmplNewFailure = template.Must(template.New("bodyNewFailure").Parse(bodyNewFailure))
subjectTmplNewSuccess = template.Must(template.New("subjectNewSuccess").Parse(subjectNewSuccess))
bodyTmplNewSuccess = template.Must(template.New("bodyNewSuccess").Parse(bodyNewSuccess))
subjectTmplLastNFailed = template.Must(template.New("subjectLastNFailed").Parse(subjectLastNFailed))
bodyTmplLastNFailed = template.Must(template.New("bodyLastNFailed").Parse(bodyLastNFailed))
bodyTmplRollCreationFailed = template.Must(template.New("bodyRollCreationFailed").Parse(bodyRollCreationFailed))
subjectTmplRollCreationFailed = template.Must(template.New("subjectRollCreationFailed").Parse(subjectRollCreationFailed))
subjectTmplStrategyChange = template.Must(template.New("subjectStrategyChange").Parse(subjectStrategyChange))
bodyTmplStrategyChange = template.Must(template.New("bodyStrategyChange").Parse(bodyStrategyChange))
subjectTmplThrottled = template.Must(template.New("subjectThrottled").Parse(subjectThrottled))
bodyTmplSafetyThrottled = template.Must(template.New("bodySafetyThrottled").Parse(bodySafetyThrottled))
bodyTmplSuccessThrottled = template.Must(template.New("bodySuccessThrottled").Parse(bodySuccessThrottled))
subjectTmplTooManyCLs = template.Must(template.New("subjectTooManyCLs").Parse(subjectTooManyCLs))
bodyTmplTooManyCLs = template.Must(template.New("bodyTooManyCLs").Parse(bodyTooManyCLs))
footerTmpl = template.Must(template.New("footer").Parse(footer))
protoToMsgType = map[config.NotifierConfig_MsgType]string{
msgTypeToProto = map[string]config.NotifierConfig_MsgType{
// Note that these really belong in the go/notifier package, but it doesn't
// really make sense for that package to import the AutoRoller's config
// package. These values must be kept in sync with those from go/notifier.
protoToLogLevel = map[config.NotifierConfig_LogLevel]notifier.Filter{
config.NotifierConfig_SILENT: notifier.FILTER_SILENT,
config.NotifierConfig_ERROR: notifier.FILTER_ERROR,
config.NotifierConfig_WARNING: notifier.FILTER_WARNING,
config.NotifierConfig_INFO: notifier.FILTER_INFO,
config.NotifierConfig_DEBUG: notifier.FILTER_DEBUG,
logLevelToProto = map[notifier.Filter]config.NotifierConfig_LogLevel{
notifier.FILTER_SILENT: config.NotifierConfig_SILENT,
notifier.FILTER_ERROR: config.NotifierConfig_ERROR,
notifier.FILTER_WARNING: config.NotifierConfig_WARNING,
notifier.FILTER_INFO: config.NotifierConfig_INFO,
notifier.FILTER_DEBUG: config.NotifierConfig_DEBUG,
// tmplVars is a struct which contains information used to fill
// text templates in the Subject and Body fields of messages.
type tmplVars struct {
ChildName string
IssueID string
IssueURL string
Mode string
Message string
N int
ParentName string
Revision string
ServerURL string
Strategy string
ThrottledUntil string
User string
// AutoRollNotifier is a struct used for sending notifications from an
// AutoRoller. It is a convenience wrapper around notifier.Router.
type AutoRollNotifier struct {
childName string
client *http.Client
configReader chatbot.ConfigReader
emailer emailclient.Client
n *notifier.Router
parentName string
serverURL string
// Return an AutoRollNotifier instance.
func New(ctx context.Context, childName, parentName, serverURL string, client *http.Client, emailer emailclient.Client, chatBotConfigReader chatbot.ConfigReader, configs []*notifier.Config) (*AutoRollNotifier, error) {
n := &AutoRollNotifier{
childName: childName,
client: client,
configReader: chatBotConfigReader,
emailer: emailer,
parentName: parentName,
serverURL: serverURL,
if err := n.ReloadConfigs(ctx, configs); err != nil {
return nil, err
return n, nil
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) ReloadConfigs(ctx context.Context, configs []*notifier.Config) error {
// Create a new router and add the specified configs to it.
n := notifier.NewRouter(a.client, a.emailer, a.configReader)
if err := n.AddFromConfigs(ctx, configs); err != nil {
return err
a.n = n
return nil
// Return the underlying notifier.Router.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) Router() *notifier.Router {
return a.n
// Send a message.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) send(ctx context.Context, vars *tmplVars, subjectTmpl, bodyTmpl *template.Template, severity notifier.Severity, msgType string) {
vars.ChildName = a.childName
vars.ParentName = a.parentName
vars.ServerURL = a.serverURL
var subjectBytes bytes.Buffer
if err := subjectTmpl.Execute(&subjectBytes, vars); err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("Failed to send notification; failed to execute subject template: %s", err)
var bodyBytes bytes.Buffer
if err := bodyTmpl.Execute(&bodyBytes, vars); err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("Failed to send notification; failed to execute body template: %s", err)
if err := footerTmpl.Execute(&bodyBytes, vars); err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("Failed to send notification; failed to execute footer template: %s", err)
sklog.Infof("Sending notification (%s; %s): %s\n\n%s", severity.String(), msgType, subjectBytes.String(), bodyBytes.String())
if err := a.n.Send(ctx, &notifier.Message{
Subject: subjectBytes.String(),
Body: bodyBytes.String(),
Severity: severity,
Type: msgType,
}); err != nil {
// We don't want to block the roller on failure to send
// notifications. Log the error and move on.
// Send an issue update message.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendIssueUpdate(ctx context.Context, id, url, msg string) {
bodyTmpl, err := template.New("body").Parse(msg)
if err != nil {
sklog.Errorf("Failed to send notification; failed to parse template from message: %s", err)
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
IssueID: id,
IssueURL: url,
}, subjectTmplIssueUpdate, bodyTmpl, notifier.SEVERITY_INFO, MSG_TYPE_ISSUE_UPDATE)
// Send a mode change message.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendModeChange(ctx context.Context, user, mode, message string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
Message: message,
Mode: mode,
User: user,
}, subjectTmplModeChange, bodyTmplModeChange, notifier.SEVERITY_WARNING, MSG_TYPE_MODE_CHANGE)
// Send a notification that creation of a roll failed.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendRollCreationFailed(ctx context.Context, err error) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
Message: err.Error(),
}, subjectTmplRollCreationFailed, bodyTmplRollCreationFailed, notifier.SEVERITY_ERROR, MSG_TYPE_ROLL_CREATION_FAILED)
// Send a strategy change message.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendStrategyChange(ctx context.Context, user, strategy, message string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
Message: message,
Strategy: strategy,
User: user,
}, subjectTmplStrategyChange, bodyTmplStrategyChange, notifier.SEVERITY_WARNING, MSG_TYPE_STRATEGY_CHANGE)
// Send a notification that the roller is safety-throttled.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendSafetyThrottled(ctx context.Context, until time.Time) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
ThrottledUntil: until.Format(time.RFC1123),
}, subjectTmplThrottled, bodyTmplSafetyThrottled, notifier.SEVERITY_ERROR, MSG_TYPE_SAFETY_THROTTLE)
// Send a notification that the roller is success-throttled.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendSuccessThrottled(ctx context.Context, until time.Time) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
ThrottledUntil: until.Format(time.RFC1123),
}, subjectTmplThrottled, bodyTmplSuccessThrottled, notifier.SEVERITY_INFO, MSG_TYPE_SUCCESS_THROTTLE)
// Send a notification that the most recent roll succeeded when the roll before
// it failed.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendNewSuccess(ctx context.Context, id, url string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
IssueID: id,
IssueURL: url,
}, subjectTmplNewSuccess, bodyTmplNewSuccess, notifier.SEVERITY_WARNING, MSG_TYPE_NEW_SUCCESS)
// Send a notification that the most recent roll failed when the roll before
// it succeeded.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendNewFailure(ctx context.Context, id, url string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
IssueID: id,
IssueURL: url,
}, subjectTmplNewFailure, bodyTmplNewFailure, notifier.SEVERITY_WARNING, MSG_TYPE_NEW_FAILURE)
// Send a notification that the last N roll attempts have failed.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendLastNFailed(ctx context.Context, n int, url string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
IssueURL: url,
N: n,
}, subjectTmplLastNFailed, bodyTmplLastNFailed, notifier.SEVERITY_ERROR, MSG_TYPE_LAST_N_FAILED)
// Send a notification that too many CLs have been created to roll to the same
// revision.
func (a *AutoRollNotifier) SendTooManyCLs(ctx context.Context, numCLs int, rev string) {
a.send(ctx, &tmplVars{
N: numCLs,
Revision: rev,
}, subjectTmplTooManyCLs, bodyTmplTooManyCLs, notifier.SEVERITY_ERROR, MSG_TYPE_TOO_MANY_CLS)
// ConfigToProto converts a notifier.Config to a config.NotifierConfig.
func ConfigToProto(cfg *notifier.Config) (*config.NotifierConfig, error) {
rv := &config.NotifierConfig{
Subject: cfg.Subject,
if cfg.Filter != "" {
filter, err := notifier.ParseFilter(cfg.Filter)
if err != nil {
return nil, skerr.Wrap(err)
rv.LogLevel = logLevelToProto[filter]
} else {
for _, msgType := range cfg.IncludeMsgTypes {
rv.MsgType = append(rv.MsgType, msgTypeToProto[msgType])
if cfg.Chat != nil {
rv.Config = &config.NotifierConfig_Chat{
Chat: &config.ChatNotifierConfig{
RoomId: cfg.Chat.RoomID,
} else if cfg.Email != nil {
rv.Config = &config.NotifierConfig_Email{
Email: &config.EmailNotifierConfig{
Emails: cfg.Email.Emails,
} else if cfg.Monorail != nil {
rv.Config = &config.NotifierConfig_Monorail{
Monorail: &config.MonorailNotifierConfig{
Project: cfg.Monorail.Project,
Owner: cfg.Monorail.Owner,
Cc: cfg.Monorail.CC,
Components: cfg.Monorail.Components,
Labels: cfg.Monorail.Labels,
} else if cfg.PubSub != nil {
rv.Config = &config.NotifierConfig_Pubsub{
Pubsub: &config.PubSubNotifierConfig{
Topic: cfg.PubSub.Topic,
return rv, nil
// ProtoToConfig converts a config.NotifierConfig to a notifier.Config.
func ProtoToConfig(cfg *config.NotifierConfig) *notifier.Config {
rv := &notifier.Config{
Subject: cfg.Subject,
if len(cfg.MsgType) > 0 {
for _, msgType := range cfg.MsgType {
rv.IncludeMsgTypes = append(rv.IncludeMsgTypes, protoToMsgType[msgType])
} else {
rv.Filter = protoToLogLevel[cfg.LogLevel].String()
if chat, ok := cfg.Config.(*config.NotifierConfig_Chat); ok {
rv.Chat = &notifier.ChatNotifierConfig{
RoomID: chat.Chat.RoomId,
} else if email, ok := cfg.Config.(*config.NotifierConfig_Email); ok {
rv.Email = &notifier.EmailNotifierConfig{
Emails: email.Email.Emails,
} else if monorail, ok := cfg.Config.(*config.NotifierConfig_Monorail); ok {
rv.Monorail = &notifier.MonorailNotifierConfig{
Project: monorail.Monorail.Project,
Owner: monorail.Monorail.Owner,
CC: monorail.Monorail.Cc,
Components: monorail.Monorail.Components,
Labels: monorail.Monorail.Labels,
} else if pubsub, ok := cfg.Config.(*config.NotifierConfig_Pubsub); ok {
rv.PubSub = &notifier.PubSubNotifierConfig{
Topic: pubsub.Pubsub.Topic,
return rv