[k8s-checker] Don't Fatal() out when failing to parse k8s file

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diff --git a/k8s-checker/go/k8s-checker/main.go b/k8s-checker/go/k8s-checker/main.go
index 0fec394..941d7f7 100644
--- a/k8s-checker/go/k8s-checker/main.go
+++ b/k8s-checker/go/k8s-checker/main.go
@@ -314,7 +314,8 @@
 		// There can be multiple YAML documents within a single YAML file.
 		deployments, statefulSets, cronJobs, daemonSets, err := k8s_config.ParseK8sConfigFile(yamlContents)
 		if err != nil {
-			sklog.Fatalf("Error when parsing %s: %s", filepath.Join(cluster, f), err)
+			sklog.Errorf("Error when parsing %s: %s", filepath.Join(cluster, f), err)
+			continue
 		for _, config := range cronJobs {
 			namespace := fixupNamespace(config.Namespace)