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- hosts: all
connection: local
remote_user: chrome-bot
become_user: root
become: yes
become_method: sudo
# override with --extra-vars "nfs_mount_point=/opt/stage"
nfs_mount_point: /opt/prod
image: /opt/rpi_img/prod.img
# 8192 * 512
offset_boot: 4194304
# 131072 * 512
offset_root: 67108864
- file: path={{nfs_mount_point}}/root state=directory
- mount: src="{{image}}" name="{{nfs_mount_point}}/root" fstype="auto" opts="loop,offset={{offset_root}},noauto" state="mounted"
- command: cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static {{nfs_mount_point}}/root/usr/bin/
# These do NOT use the mount: command, as it does not currently support --rbind.
# Additionally, I don't necessarily want to update fstab
- command: mount --rbind /dev {{nfs_mount_point}}/root/dev
- command: mount -t proc none {{nfs_mount_point}}/root/proc
- command: mount -o bind /sys {{nfs_mount_point}}/root/sys
# Comment out this line in this file so as to avoid
# qemu: uncaught target signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - core dumped
# Illegal instruction (core dumped)
- lineinfile: dest={{nfs_mount_point}}/root/etc/ line="/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/" state=absent
- lineinfile: dest={{nfs_mount_point}}/root/etc/ line="#/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/" state=present
- name: Create the startup script
copy: src=start_swarming dest={{nfs_mount_point}}/root/opt/start_swarming owner=root group=root mode=0755
- name: Create the swarming service
copy: src=swarming dest={{nfs_mount_point}}/root/etc/init.d/swarming owner=root group=root mode=0755