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# Utilities for accessing the skolo.
# Should be sourced from $HOME/.bashrc
alias skolo_internal='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rack1='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rack2='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rack3='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rack4='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rpi='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_rpi2='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_win2='ssh chrome-bot@'
alias skolo_win3='ssh chrome-bot@'
# Sets up port-forwarding to the Router.
# Router ports start at 9000.
alias skolo_rack1_router='google-chrome https://localhost:9000; ssh -L 9000: rack1'
alias skolo_rack2_router='google-chrome https://localhost:9001; ssh -L 9001: rack2'
alias skolo_rack3_router='google-chrome https://localhost:9002; ssh -L 9002: rack3'
alias skolo_rack4_router='google-chrome https://localhost:9003; ssh -L 9003: rack4'
alias skolo_rack5_router='google-chrome https://localhost:9004; ssh -L 9004: rack5'
# Shelf ports start at 7000, and the second digit is the rack number, the last number is the shelf.
alias skolo_rack1_shelf2_switch='google-chrome https://localhost:7101; ssh -L 7101:rack1-shelf1-poe-switch:443 rack1'
alias skolo_rack1_shelf2_switch='google-chrome https://localhost:7102; ssh -L 7102:rack1-shelf2-poe-switch:443 rack1'
alias skolo_rack4_shelf1_switch='google-chrome https://localhost:7401; ssh -L 7401:rack4-shelf1-poe-switch:443 rack4'
alias skolo_rack4_shelf2_switch='google-chrome https://localhost:7402; ssh -L 7402:rack4-shelf2-poe-switch:443 rack4'